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Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: July 22, 2010

A little over five years ago, WOSU 89.7 became the first radio station in Columbus to begin broadcasting in digital. What is called HD Radio had come to Columbus. Since that time, the number of area stations broadcasting in digital has grown and several have expanded their channel capacity. The list below is as inclusive as I could find of the digital stations in Columbus. HD Radio has run into many roadblocks, but I’m one who believes it still has a great future. I listen to HD radio throughout my home and look forward to having the service standard on my next car purchase. It is a free service, unlike satellite radio, and as more listeners tune in, more stations will invest in new programming.
WOSU is proud to provide quality choices in HD programming in crystal clear digital including our 89.7 FM main channel (soon to be all NPR News), an all-classical station at 89.7-2 (soon to be Classical 101), and a Triple A music format station, Capital City Radio at 89.7-3. Even my teenagers think its cool that WOSU is carrying Cap City Radio!

HD Radio Stations via website – the BOLD stations are the extra stations you get with HD Radio:

Columbus, OH 104.9 WCVO-HD FM Contemp Christian Voice
Columbus, OH 610 WTVN-HD AM Nws/Tlk/Spt Clear Channel
Columbus, OH 94.7 WSNY-HD FM Lite Rock Saga
Columbus, OH 92.3 WCOL-HD FM Country Clear Channel
Columbus, OH 92.3-2 WCOL-HD2 FM New Country Clear Channel
Columbus, OH 1230 WYTS-HD AM Talk Clear Channel
Columbus, OH 107.5 WCKX-HD FM Urban Radio One Inc.
Columbus, OH 106.7 WCGX-HD FM Alternative Clear Channel
Columbus, OH 106.7-2 WCGX-HD2 FM Classic Alternative Clear Channel
Columbus, OH 97.9 WNCI-HD FM CHR Clear Channel
Columbus, OH 97.9-2 WNCI-HD2 FM tha block Clear Channel
Columbus, OH 93.3 WLZT-HD FM AC Clear Channel
Columbus, OH 93.3-2 WLZT-HD2 FM Talk – WTVN-AM Clear Channel
Columbus, OH 97.1 WBNS-HD FM Sports/ESPN Radio
Columbus, OH 97.1-2 WBNS-HD2 FM 1460 The Fan .
Columbus, OH 103.5 WJZA-HD FM Smooth Jazz Saga
Columbus, OH 106.3 WJYD-HD FM Gospel Radio One Inc.
Columbus, OH 105.7 WBWR-HD FM Rock Clear Channel
Columbus, OH 105.7-2 WBWR-HD2 FM Full Metal Racket Clear Channel
Columbus, OH 107.1 WNKK-HD FM Country Wilks Broadcast Group
Columbus, OH 107.1-2 WNKK-HD2 FM 90’s Alternative
Columbus, OH 820 WOSU-HD AM News/Talk The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH 89.7 WOSU-HD FM News/Clscl
Columbus, OH 89.7-2 WOSU-HD2 FM All Classical
Columbus, OH 89.7-3 WOSU-HD3 FM AAA – Capital City Radio

Columbus, OH 100.3 WCLT-HD FM Country WCLT Radio, Inc.
Columbus, OH 98.9 WXMG-HD FM R&B Oldies Radio One Inc.

More to come!