Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: January 7, 2009

We were thrilled last night to hear from the Federal Communications Commission about their acceptance of our proposal to assist those most in need in central and southern Ohio with the transition to digital television. With the February 17th shutdown of over-the-air analog television signals about five weeks away, these funds will help us develop a phone bank, informational materials, broadcast programming related to the transition, outreach programming and even assist with installations of the converter boxes in some cases. In total, the FCC contract with WOSU is for $196,500. See the full story at the FCC website.

WOSU is one of only eight regional grassroots programs to receive funding. We were recognized nationally for our HELP YOUR NEIGHBOR project that led to over 2700 federal converter box coupons being donated to WOSU. Through a unique partnership with LifeCare Alliance and Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging, WOSU has been purchasing converter boxes and assisting those agencies with their outreach to those over-the-air clients who would otherwise lose their TV signal in February.

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