Written by: Mike Thompson
Date: April 27, 2016

Esther Honig

Esther Honig

When the WOSU newsroom set out to fill a vacancy, we wanted more than a radio reporter. WOSU Public Media is much more than 89.7 NPR News – we must serve our audience in multiple places – the radio, TV, the web, on mobile devices, on social media. Our ideal candidate was a multimedia reporter who could report for radio.

We found that ideal candidate – Esther Honig.

A native of San Francisco, Esther most recently worked as a freelance journalist at KCUR in Kansas City where she produced compelling stories profiling underserved communities.

Esther, who speaks fluent Spanish, brings to WOSU a passion for the story and digital reporting skills to serve our audiences.

Still in the early stages of her career, Ether has already made her mark. Last year she conducted a digital social experiment. She took a photo of herself and sent it to Photoshop editors around the world and asked them “to make her beautiful.” The goal was to see how editors changed the photograph to fit their cultures.

She collected more than 50 images from 28 different countries. The final project, Beauty Standards Around The World went viral, and Esther was interviewed by CNN, Al Jazeera and Time.

Esther joins 89.7 NPR News’s award winning staff which was been named Ohio’s best radio newsroom five of the past six years.

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