Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: November 7, 2012

Whether the election results went your way or another way, the robo-calls and negative political ads are gone! For that alone we should all celebrate. I hope you found WOSU TV and Radio a safe haven from those ads.

Our focus now turns back to the neighborhoods of Columbus the premiere of our sixth neighborhood documentary Columbus Neighborhoods – Olde Towne East.  This is one of our city’s oldest streetcar neighborhoods and home to aristocrats, governors and captains of industry. Watch this new story of Columbus history next Monday night, November 12th at 9 pm on WOSU TV.

Our goal with Columbus Neighborhoods is to tell the untold story of Columbus through our culturally and historically rich neighborhoods. Fascinating stories of Columbus continue to unfold every day and with your support, we’ll be there to bring them to life!

  • Toni Hagen

    We live in Mt. Vernon +40 miles out of Columbus. What are our options for getting local/Columbus stations like WOSU, NBC/ABC/CBS news, etc?