Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: February 27, 2012

You can be a part of the rebirth of the King-Lincoln District in Columbus and celebrate the history of the near east side by attending  Beyond the Blackberry Patch – a special evening of music from an all star cast led by critically acclaimed trombonist, composer and jazz ambassador Wycliffe Gordon.  Blackberry Patch is the folkloric name given to the area now known as King-Lincoln in Columbus.  WOSU is proud to be partnering with the Jazz Arts Group and will capture Friday night’s performance for broadcast on WOSU TV.  There are two performances only — this Friday and Saturday night at 8 pm.  The commissioned piece will tell the story of this historic district through ten musicians, a dance troupe and a chorus and shine light on its past, present and future. You don’t want to miss this special Bicentennial moment!

  • Toni Hagen

    We live in Mt. Vernon +40 miles out of Columbus. What are our options for getting local/Columbus stations like WOSU, NBC/ABC/CBS news, etc?