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Written by: Thomas Bradley
Date: November 13, 2014


I mean. Buzzfeed can perfectly summarize a lot of things. And its recent article “22 Things All PBS Kids Will Never Forget” hits the nail on the head. If you watched PBS at all in the 90’s (either as a kid, or as a parent of a PBS kid) this will most likely hit home.

The news hook for the article is of course, with great sorrow we report, that Zoboomafoo passed away yesterday. Zoboomafoo was everyone’s favorite lemur and has moved onto PBS heaven.

The passing of Zoboomafoo obviously got the wheels turning of the millennials at Buzzfeed, and they dug up some great memories you may, or may not have, forgotten about.


Like Ms. Frizzle, and her crazy school us we all secretly wished we could be a part of.


Or secretly fearing the day that Clifford becomes real and takes over the world. What? That was just me?


RIP Zoboomafoo. You will be missed.