Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: December 14, 2011

Last Friday, we gathered a dozen past staffers of WOSU AM as the station went off the air.  (See previous blog post for more information on the shutdown of WOSU AM.) It was a time to reminisce about the old days of AM radio in Columbus.

We ended up having Fred Andrle moderate two recordings with the announcers — the first segment (30 minutes) includes Fred interviewing Tom Wiebell, Don Davis, Bill Cohen and Jo Ingles:


The second segment includes Fred Andrle interviewing Dale Ouzts, Ken Keller, and Charlie Pickard:


Our thanks go out to everyone who made the afternoon special including WOSU’s Amy Milbourne who contacted as many past WOSU AM announcers and managers as possible over a short period of time.  Attending: Dale Ouzts, Don Davis, Fred Andrle, Tom Wiebell, Ken Keller, Charlie Pickard, Jim Varga, Bob Schweikart, Bill Cohen and Jo Ingles.

  • Terisilver

    I started out as an intern at WOSU 820. My last radio airdate was on 820 (December 20, 2008). Irony. But t’s a new dcay and I’m ready for 89.7 (again) … can you use an anchor? :)))) Really …

  • Terisilver

    Make that, a new day. LOL

  • donald138

    I would like to congratulate WOSU about its programming decisions regarding the switch to the FM dial for both classical programming and all news and interview programs.

    Also, I really appreciate having the BBC World News America. It is interesting to get a somewhat different perspective on the news. I found it entertaining that the BBC program spent an entire show reporting on the sentencing of Michael Jackson’s doctor.

  • Bob Batina

    B-o-o-o-o-o ! I am sad to see WOSU am go to 89.7 fm. I listened to Bluegrass Ramble on my 60 year old Crosley floor radio for a long time. Nothing sounds as good as old time radio on an old time radio. Sure, I can pick it up on my Japanese fm radio, but it will never be the same.

  • Debra

    What was the name of the classical piece used as a theme song for “In the Bookstall?