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Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: February 14, 2009

So, the confusion continues about the semi-transition or shutdown of analog broadcasting locally. The Columbus Dispatch did a fine and accurate article yesterday on the issues still facing many elderly in Columbus who receive their primary TV signals over-the-air. To be as clear as possible, only the Fox and CW network affiliates will go off the air this coming Tuesday. All the other broadcast stations including WOSU will stay on, most likely until June. Still, we expect the loss of FOX programming to get some folks attention and we have our DTV Helpline at the ready: 1-866-723-4626.
Nielson figures from February 1st have the Columbus market at about 3.7 percent unready, which translates into about 30,000 households. Not a small figure. We’ll see what the week brings. Stay tuned!