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Written by: Lynn Wallich
Date: April 12, 2016

cake with pineapple and strawberrys

Photo: Nayuki/Flickr Creative Commons

During dinner with friends last night, a discussion took place that centered on experiences in one’s life that may not always be representative of a healthy decision.

This could reference a healthy choice of food, travel, behavior and psychological well-being. If one were in their 20s, this discussion would probably not have taken place. When a person is their 20s, it would be very rare that unhealthy prep would be a topic of discussion, even though one could actually look at this as a clear sign of creative thinking. Creative thinking benefits all and age doesn’t have a market value on this topic.

Back to prepping for unhealthy choices, no matter how old one is. What does this mean and how does one go about it?  Please note, that the longer a person lives, “unhealthy” choice planning becomes second nature as does breathing, showering, eating, and thinking about the “shoulds” in life.

As for last night at dinner, the discussion centered on having a less filling dessert and a smaller meal so a larger meal could be ordered the next day. Talk of some type of physical activity also entered into this equation so what actually occurred was the order of an ice cream drink that served the dual purpose of dessert and an after dinner drink. It was mint flavored that also assisted with settling acidity after an ethnic meal. This was well tolerated since the discussion of physical activity became a psychological panacea.

Today began with swimming and brunch that will hopefully hold until dinner, which will consist of garlic bread lying, in a pool of garlic butter and a very thin crust pizza. One can be assured that another discussion will be held about the type of dessert, if any, and where dinner will be tomorrow evening. Five more laps will be added to the swim schedule and possibly a dog walk that will catapult everyone into a few more pizza slices and a lovely lunch the next day.

This process is perpetual. A birthday party will take place at a very nice restaurant that is already creating some angst about what to order. Dessert will obviously be in the picture along with a “rich” meal since the restaurant is known for great seafood and huge dishes.

Advanced planning will likely be several additional dog walks, with or without the dogs, a good half mile swim in the morning, a light lunch that will not contain butter or croissants, and a healthy breakfast bar. A couple of laps on the treadmill is also a possibility but in all likelihood will be forgotten. It is now time to see a movie, and yes, there will be popcorn without butter. At least for now, unless, one decides to eliminate the garlic bread, which will not happen, or a slice of pizza, highly not in the cards.