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Written by: Amy Ryan Rued
Date: September 25, 2014

Perfection Does Not ExistAh, you’re finally retired—or on your way there!

Think back over the past twenty years. Did you promise to write that book you always dreamed of authoring? Have you always desired for the most fashionable art gallery in town to feature you exclusively in a month-long exhibition? Were there other similar passions you planned to follow, but never quite achieved?

Or perhaps, for eons, have you yearned to thoroughly tackle decluttering your house, top to bottom?

How many months—or dare I say years—have passed since you’ve made any progress?

“Go for mediocrity!”

Yes, rather than wait until the perfect timing; the ideal setting; the precise motivation; just go for average. Be persistent in your commitment to your goal. That’s the ticket!

Get started, even if it means going for, heavens forbid mediocrity.

You can always improve on whatever you embark upon—but not if you don’t take the first step.

Let’s review past attempts: How many times have you abandoned a project because you didn’t know where to start—yet if truth be told, your focus was actually on being perfect?

Often, in our attempt to reach perfection we can come to a screeching halt. This can result in nothing materializing—because of this drive for perfection.

Ask anyone who is successful and they’ll tell you how horrendously horrible their first stab at it was. They might even list their failures. Yet, in spite of their setbacks, the process provided them with valuable learning.

Inventor James Dyson muddled through 5,000+ prototypes before his first bagless vacuum cleaner was ready to market.

And, I’m sure you’ve heard of Thomas Edison’s 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at creating the light bulb. When pressed about his so-called fiascos, Edison quickly explained: “I didn’t fail 1,000 times; this invention was simply the result of 1,000 steps.”

So, for your next task don’t strive for an “A+” effort.

Give yourself permission to be middling to fair at your targeted goal.

About 9 years ago, my husband and I attended a conference where one speaker, Mike Litman, imparted wise advice: “Try for a “C!” Thanks to his savvy recommendation, my mantra has become: “Go for mediocrity!”

Instead of striving for perfection in what you really want to do: just get started. Revel in your victory of simply moving ahead toward your dream. You won’t attain those lofty desires if you get bogged down in perfection every step of the way.

Don’t be afraid to start because you’re paralyzed with your drive for perfection—just begin with the knowledge you can improve things as you go.

Make a pledge to just get started—even if that means a commitment of 10 minutes a day for a week!

Woman 9.23.14

You will be amazed at the feeling of accomplishment! Just the “doing” will give you pleasure, and the increased feeling of confidence that you CAN fulfill what you’ve set your heart on achieving. Once you get going, you can always fine tune things later.

Let us know how you’re doing and share the baby steps you’ve implemented in the post below.

You can do this! And know we’re rootin’ for you!