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Written by: Lynn Wallich
Date: June 4, 2014


Why is it that the people who truly dislike animals seem to attract them and then commence to have a horrible time attempting to be rid of them throughout the visitation?  As an animal lover and owner, often thoughts would center on not being friends with anyone who did not love animals.  None of these people would exist in the friendship circle of three dogs and two adults.

These people could not tolerate the vast amounts of dog hair collected on hardwood daily let alone the perfumed smell of “Ode to Dog” that periodically permeates a room.  Even as this is being written, animal hair is being blown off the computer screen and keyboard.

It never fails, when a person enters the house who obviously does not like being around animals, all of the dogs greet this person as a long-lost friend and bring their favorite toy to share.  The Dane shares her lobster while the lab mix brings the stuffed pig and the chow mix simply runs to the person as if to say, “I know you wish to pet me and scratch me all night.”

photo 2

An attempt is made to sit as far away as possible from the dogs only to discover that the Dane thinks she is tiny and wants to sit on their lap.  The lab mix throws her pig at the guest in hopes of being able to chase it all night, and the chow mix backs into the guest hoping to get her back scratched.

What makes this so unique and interesting is that a person coming into the house, who loves being around animals and actually wants to play and scratch the dogs, is completely ignored.  After a brief meet and greet, each dog finds a place to lie down and nap.  Even the nonstop lab mix that loves her pig, settles down for a rest.

Let’s face it; those of you who do not like animals are “animal magnets.”  For whatever reason, a scent, a look, a behavior, eye or hair color (just kidding), animals want to cling to your body and share everything they have with you.

It must be miserable to visit those animal friends yet you become the worshiped ones.  Take a breath or two, relax those muscles, laugh, enjoy the visit and know, every once of energy spent by those pets is to demonstrate their love for you.