Nominations are closed!!

Thank you to everyone who nominated educators for the WOSU Excellence in Education Awards. The winners will be announced at the WOSU Innovation Mixer on April 25th!

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WOSU Public Media wishes to recognize the most outstanding school districts, leadership, and teachers in our community who demonstrate excellence and innovation in their educational practices.

Please read through the following descriptions, and nominate any faculty or districts that you see fit for each award. Please be as detailed as possible in your nominations, and provide as many examples as possible for us to review. The recipients of each award will be announced at the WOSU Classroom Innovation Mixer on April 25th, 2018.


All nominations are due by March 4, 2018


WOSU Distinguished District Award

“A happy child is a learning child.” We’ve all heard it—but where do you see it the most? Nominate the district that you see is providing the most innovative, transformative, imaginative or captivating learning experience.

We want to know how they are doing this—their plan, and how their mission aligns with WOSU Public Media’s mission.

The award-winning district will receive a professional library, school banner, and digital badge. This district will also be honored at this year’s Innovation Mixer in April and on WOSU Public Media’s website.


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WOSU Outstanding Leadership Award

The Outstanding Leadership Award should be given to a true team player, one who is playing for the “Technology Team.”

Please provide examples of how he or she uses technology innovatively and effectively for learning and development not only in the classroom, but for advancement at a district, state or national level. Finally, how do the nominee’s efforts align with WOSU Public Media’s mission?

The recipient of this award will receive a professional library, school banner, digital badge and snack break for staff. The recipient will also be honored at the Innovation Mixer and on WOSU Public Media’s website.

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WOSU Outstanding Teacher Award

Who is the most outstanding teacher at your school? We want to know! Tell us how this teacher has a positive impact on student learning.

What methods are used, and how have you learned from them? Are these methods that can be replicated in other classrooms? How do these methods use technology, and how has the outstanding teacher shared them with you and other teachers? We also want to know this teacher’s contribution to the advancement of technology integration in district, state or national settings. Please give examples! How does this teacher’s use of technology improve students’ learning in an innovative way?

Twenty-first century students need specific technological skills as they progress with their education. How does this educator teach those skills? What kinds of work have his or her students produced that demonstrates mastering of these skills? Finally, how do this teacher’s values and goals align with WOSU Public Media’s mission?

The recipient of this award be recognized on air on WOSU Public Media’s platforms and honored at the Innovation Mixer. The Outstanding Teacher will also receive a digital badge and a $500 classroom donation!

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