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WOSU’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Representation matters. Everyone deserves to see themselves, their cultures, and their families authentically represented on screen and inImage of a woman working a large television camera. There are 2 people standing behind her chatting with very colorful cloths in the background. Text overlay reads "Want to be on TV?" educational resources. That is why WOSU Public Media is dedicated to creating content that honors a diversity of cultural values, norms, and points of view. 

Would your family like to star in a WOSU video? Each year, WOSU produces video spots for television and digital distribution that focus on education for children ages 3-8. Examples of past videos include: Choosing Books for Early Learners and Exploring Your Community with Early Learners. If your family is interested in participating, please complete the Featured Families Form and you will be contacted when a project becomes available.

WOSU Public Media embraces all kinds of diversity including race, ethnicity, country of origin, family composition, LGBTQIA+ status, and gender expression. We strive to create environments in which everyone can learn, work, and live with dignity and respect, free from fear and violence, and protected against discrimination, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Diversity and inclusion are important components of all programming. A few featured education programs include:

  • Ohio Learns 360 provides families, afterschool and summer programs with PBS resources, including standards-based curriculum and materials, virtual field trips, interactive video programs, community events and more, all designed to accelerate student learning and support the state’s most vulnerable learners in kindergarten through fifth grade.
  • Belonging Through Books began with a grant from the Ohio Department of Education. The priority of this project is to ensure that school libraries in Central Ohio’s most diverse school districts have books that authentically represent the students they serve.
  • Ohio Ready To Learn embeds research-based theory and practice into workshops for family child care providers. This project also includes the production of educational videos created to improve outcomes for younger children statewide.
  • Family and Community Learning is a multi-generational hands-on family engagement designed to support science and literacy development among children and families. Through grant funding, WOSU Classroom is partnering with the Van Buren Center,  one of the YMCA of Central Ohio’s shelters providing services for adult women, men and families. Families attend weekly sessions, including a family mealtime, and are provided with materials each week to support ongoing family engagement. 


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