Course Description:

Effective integration of technology can provide teachers with opportunities to meet the diverse needs of all learners, and provide students with multiple ways to engage with classroom content.  The challenge lies not only in selecting the appropriate technology but, more importantly, in the learning tasks and lesson design.  The SAMR model has been developed by Dr Ruben Puentedura to equip educators in analyzing technology use to discover how effective it is at supporting learning.  The course aims to introduce participants to the SAMR Framework and show them how to use it to plan for best practice technology use.  By drawing on research-based practices and media resources featuring the application of SAMR, this course will connect you with the knowledge that has made SAMR such a widely used model, as well as give you practical ways to apply it in your teaching and lesson design.

Prerequisites: None
Contact Hours: 5

Course Competency:

  • Reflect upon your technology integration practices
  • Define the key SAMR elements and the idea of ‘tasks not tools’
  • Examine SAMR further and identify practical examples of the SAMR levels
  • Explore resources that best fit SAMR to your content area and grade level
  • Apply SAMR to your instruction and lesson design
Course Syllabus


Bell Ringer: Let's get started! Complete this pre-assessment to help provide context and focus to your learning experience.





Emphasis on Task Design
The key to successful technology integration is the efficient and appropriate use of digital tools that are appropriate for the learning task.  Technology provides us with the ability to develop our own toolkit of flexible resources for use when needed.  In the examples provided below, you will see various digital tools used by the teachers and the students.  Do you use any of these tools in your classroom?  Do you have your own digital resource toolkit?  (Adapted from Using SAMR to Teach Above the Line).
As you view the 3 lesson examples linked below, think about these questions:
What are the main learning outcomes/targets of this lesson?  The secondary outcomes?
How did the design of this lesson foster the development of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)?
Is the technology used in this lesson appropriate for the tasks?  Why or why not?
What SAMR level does this lesson demonstrate?
What evidence do you see of the task and technology meeting the characteristics of this SAMR level?



Choice Board: Choose one of the activites below and submit to earn your badge!

Choose one of the following assignments to complete and submit as evidence that you have mastered the information and applications found in the course.  Refer to the Choice Board Evaluation Rubric and the Guidelines for Submitting Your Assignment to ensure your evidence contains the necessary elements.

Choice 1: Redefine an Old Lesson 

Choose a lesson you currently teach and revise it so that it moves up to the Redefinition level SAMR Framework.

Resources to assist you in modifying the lesson:

SAMR Flowchart
SAMR Examples

When complete, submit a link to a document containing both the original and the revised lesson plan.


Choice 2: Record a Video

Create a video of you teaching a lesson that aligns with the Redefinition level of the SAMR Framework.  You may use any video creation/editing tool of your choice but below are some recommended tools.

Video creation & editing tools:

iMovie (for Macfor iOS devices )

When complete, submit a link of your completed project to the course instructor.


Choice 3: Create an Infographic

Create an infographic about the SAMR Framework.  The infographic must include at least one lesson example for each of the SAMR levels.  At least two of the examples must be lessons that you currently teach.  You may use any digital tool of your choice but below are some recommended Infographic creation tools.

When complete, submit a link of your completed project to the course instructor.



  • How has SAMR impacted your views of using technology in your classroom?
  • What are your next steps for using SAMR to deepen learning for students?
  • Exit Ticket – Show what you know!

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