Course Description:

This course aims to give you an overview of teaching with a Mastery Learning approach. The course will help you understand what defines Mastery Learning, including a brief historical perspective on the approach, and its current day use. After an overview of Mastery Learning, you will be emerged in readings and exercises that allow you to understand how teachers and schools are implementing Mastery Learning, and how you, too, can adopt this approach if interested. The course material will take you through some of the benefits and barriers to teaching with this methodology. You will be able to exercise your understanding of Mastery Learning by completing an assignment that asks you to process and practice Mastery Learning as an educator, and an inquisitive learning. You will leave with a fundamental understanding of Mastery Learning.

Prerequisites: None
Contact Hours: 5

Course Competency:

  • Define mastery learning
  • Understand the background of mastery learning
  • Articulating the advantages of mastery learning in the 21st-century classroom
  • Identifying challenges for mastery learning in schools
  • Determine next steps in implementing mastery learning based on information and interest.
Course Syllabus


Setting The Stage - As you view this short video, consider how you can foster a learner-centered classroom.



Play List

Consider the following while working through the playlist.  What is the variable in mastery learning? What is fixed? Which factors are solely in the control of the teacher? What are the qualities of effective enrichment activities?



Integration In Action

  • A new kind of classroom: no grades, no failing, no hurry – What do critics state about implementing mastery learning? Do you agree with their criticism? This article mentions concerns that parents don’t understand the mastery system and are therefore resistant to it. What could be done to help parents understand a new grading system like mastery? 
  • Embracing Failure: Building a Growth Mindset Through the Arts – Do you feel your students are allowed to make mistakes? What are ways students are receiving feedback on their work? What is the value of this feedback?
  • An International Study in Competency Education: Postcards from Abroad – Read the “Snapshots from the Journey” overview on page 13 and then select one country (Finland, British Columbia, New Zealand, or Scotland).  What are the major changes the country is making to their educational system? What specific practices are being highlighted in the ‘in focus’ section? How do they practices relate to mastery learning?


Choice Board

Choose one of the following assignments to complete and submit as evidence that you have mastered the information and applications found in the course.  Refer to the Choice Board Evaluation Rubric and the Guidelines for Submitting Your Assignment to ensure your evidence contains the necessary elements.

1. lesson plan, 2. peer share, 3. parent guide

Choice 1: Lesson Plan

Create a lesson plan to reflect personalized learning in your content area.  The lesson plan should include:

  • a definition of the intended audience
  • student learning targets
  • classroom and activity procedures and expectations
  • any assessments that would be used

In addition to the lesson plan, include:

  • a summary of the intended purpose of the activity
  • a description of the mastery learning components within the lesson
  • an explanation of how mastery learning will benefit your students

Choice 2: Peer Share

Give a presentation to a group of teachers/colleagues on the basics of mastery learning – including definition, benefits and obstacles.  Include the presentation and a reflection on the experience,  including reactions of the group and personal reactions.

Choice 3: Parent Guide

Create a print or digital resource (pamphlet, website, video, enews) on mastery learning for parents and share with your principal or a parent.

  • Include info-graphics or visual representation of mastery learning
  • Provide a reflection on the experience of sharing your resource with your principal or parent




  • How will you look at students and teaching differently now that you know about Mastery Learning?

  • As you start to embark on Mastery Learning in your classroom, what will be your first steps?

  • Exit Ticket – Show what you know!


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