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PBS Learning Media logoWOSU Classroom staff collected resources from PBS LearningMedia to support educators and families while discussing: race, racism, protesting, civil rights, Black history and historical individuals, bias, past and current events, and more.

These resources are free and open for all to use. If you have any questions about these tools, please contact: classroom@wosu.org

Please note: This is not an exhaustive list of resources. These educational materials are to be used in conjunction with other resources, conversations, and instruction to provide the most complete context for students.

These resources are appropriate for middle and high school students, unless otherwise noted. As with all educational materials, please preview these resources prior to utilizing with students to check for appropriateness.

Featured Events

18 Children’s Books to Prompt and Further Conversations on Race

Celebrate Black Culture: Help your little ones celebrate Black culture today and every day. We asked our kid book experts to share their favorite books by Black authors or featuring Black characters. Share your family’s favorite books with us on Twitter by tagging PBS KIDS!

A Call to Action for White Educators Who Seek to Be Anti-Racist on PBS TeachersLounge

PBS American Portrait invites people across the country to share their stories about race and current events with a new prompt, “Now is the time…” Stories can be uploaded at pbs.org/americanportrait and may be included in a featured collection of personal stories from Americans grappling with racism and its impact, past and present.