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The iPad has made a huge splash in the educational marketplace over the last couple of years. This transformative device enables you to create learning opportunities that develop the knowledge and skills that your students are going to need to live, learn, and work in the 21st century. This badging module focuses on the evaluation of iPad Apps for effective classroom applications. The activities for this badge ask you to plan classroom lessons that incorporate the use of the iPad.

Prerequisites: Must have skills outlined in the “Basic iPad Skills” online module

Contact Hours: 5

Course Competency:

  • Evaluate iPad Apps for classroom use
  • Analyze effective classroom uses of iPad Apps to increase student engagement
  • Plan lessons that utilize iPad Apps to enhance student learning
Course Syllabus


Work through the resources provided below.  Already know the content? No problem! Skip to #5 and submit your evidence of learning from the provided Choice Board. Receive a Proficient or Accomplished rating (grading rubrics are provided for each module) from the instructor and you are awarded a badge and certificate of attendance. Graduate credit is available, as well!

1. Bell Ringer:

Let’s get started!  Complete the pre-assessment to help provide context and focus to your learning experience.

2.  Setting The Stage:

Watch Setting The Stage For iPad Integration.  Consider how you will use the iPad in your classroom.

3. Play List:

Explore the resources provided below.

4. Integration In Action:

There are so many iPad apps available for educational purposes and, as a teacher, you will need to become a curator of quality apps. As you investigate the following resources, take notice of apps common across grade levels and subject areas. These are very versatile apps that may serve you well in your own classroom!
  • Common Sense Media – Common Sense Media’s collection of technology-rich lesson plans. Most of these lesson plans were designed with iPad Apps in mind. You will need to filter by subject and Grade level
  • Station Students use Explain Everything… – Hilliard City Schools Technology Blog with an example of a teacher using iPads for students to create work and then peer edit

5.  Choice Board:

Choose an assignment from the choice board to complete and submit as evidence that you have mastered the information and applications found in the course.  Refer to the Choice Board Evaluation Rubric and the Guidelines for Submitting Your Assignment to ensure your evidence contains the necessary elements.

When you have completed your evidence of learning, finalize the purchase process at the bottom of this page.

6.  Reflection:

Take a moment to reflect on the work that you’ve accomplished and where you will go from here.

  • What are some of your favorite iPad apps? Could those apps be used with students?

    Where do you find ideas for integrating the iPad into the classroom?

  • Exit Ticket – Show what you know!