Course Description:

When you place an iPad(s) in your classroom, you have the ability to create unique opportunities for student learning at every level.  Before one can really begin to use the iPad as an integrated learning tool, you must gain a basic understanding of how to use the iPad for teaching and learning purposes.  In this course, you will learn the basics of iPad “how to” – from using your Apple ID, to taking screenshots, to privacy settings and much more.

Prerequisites: None
Contact Hours: 5

Course competency:

  • Gain an understanding of how to use guided access with students
  • Utilize airdrop to share items with students
  • Take screenshots on the iPad and use them as learning tools with students
  • Organize iPad resources and create folders for different grade level/subject specific apps
Course Syllabus


Bell Ringer: Let's get started! Complete this pre-assessment to help provide context and focus to your learning experience.



Emphasis on Task Design

The iPad offers hundreds of possibilities when it comes to uses with students, but as teachers who may be new to using these tools, handing over iPads to students can be a daunting task. It’s important to have a basic understanding of the tool, as well as hear from other educators who have been through this same process. The links below provide you with ideas and helpful tips as to how you can help your students understand the basic iPad skills needed.

As you view the resources below, think about these questions:

  • Why might having the students take part in a scavenger hunt as an introduction activity be of value to you and your students?

  • The first five days of school can be the most challenging. Why is it important to take time during those days to work with your students on understanding basic iPad skills?

  • Each of the teachers in this next link are sharing projects, ideas, as well as tips and tricks.

  • Why is it not only important but beneficial to hear stories from other educators?

Integration in Action resources:


Choice Board: Choose one of the activites below and submit to earn your badge!

Choose one of the following assignments to complete and submit as evidence that you have mastered the information and applications found in the course.  Refer to the Choice Board Evaluation Rubric and the Guidelines for Submitting Your Assignment to ensure your evidence contains the necessary elements.

Choice 1: Write It Out

Guided access can be a very powerful tool when using the iPads. Type a 1 ½ – 2 page paper discussing how and why guided access can and will be used in your classroom.

Choice 2: iPad Scavenger Hunt

Create an iPad scavenger hunt for your upcoming class (Example: Columbia Public Schools – iPad Scavenger Hunt).  Be sure to include apps that you plan to use this year.  Share this iPad scavenger hunt with your colleagues as well as the instructor.

Choice 3: Record a Lesson

Record a classroom lesson introducing the iPads and iPad basics to your students.  Include a 2 – 3 minute reflection of how the lesson went and what you would change/keep the same if you were to reteach the lesson.

You may use any video creation/editing tool of your choice but below are some recommended tools.

  • As educators, we know it is important to plan our lessons and gain enough background knowledge on the topic. Why is it just as important (if not even more) when using the iPad?

  • How do you plan to give enough time at the beginning of the year to give students a few minutes each day to get to know this very powerful learning tool?
  • Exit Ticket – Show what you know!