Course Description:

Assessment is a cornerstone component of all classrooms.  However, what does assessment look like in a blended learning environment?  This course focuses on assessments with the iPad.  You will learn the difference between a formative and summative assessment, various formative tools available, as well as summative rubrics for student-created projects.

Prerequisites: Must have skills outlined in the “Basic iPad Skills” and “iPad Integration” online modules

Course Competency:

  • Participants will compare and contrast formative and summative assessments
  • Participants will reflect on current assessment practices and identify new tools to assist with formative and summative assessments
  • Participants will select an assessment tool to use with their students
Course Syllabus


Bell Ringer: Let's get started! Complete this pre-assessment to help provide context and focus to your learning experience.

Emphasis on Task Design

Assessment is the foundation of the blended learning classroom.  As you learn more and more about the apps and sites that are available you will see that collecting data will become an integral part of your classroom.  This data can enrich your instruction as it will be a path for what students know and identifying learning gaps.  In the videos below, look for two things.  First, what tools are being used?  Secondly, how are the tools being used to inform instruction?

As you view the 3 videos, think about these questions:

  • What are your current formative assessment practices?

  • How do formative assessments differ from summative assessments?

  • How often do you complete formative assessments?  How do you use the data?

  • How are the assessments different in the videos?  Which assessments would be considered summative?

  • How would the summative assessments be graded?

  • Have you tried any of these tools before?  If so, would you use them again?
Integration in Action videos:



Choice Board: Choose one of the activites below and submit to earn your badge!

Choose one of the following assignments to complete and submit as evidence that you have mastered the information and applications found in the course.  Refer to the Choice Board Evaluation Rubric and the Guidelines for Submitting Your Assignment to ensure your evidence contains the necessary elements.


Choice 1: Assessment Plan Document
Create a two-page document that details an assessment plan for a unit of instruction that has at least three formative assessments, a summative assessment, and a rubric for the summative project.  All assessments should be completed on the ipad.


Choice 2: Assessment Plan Video
Create a three-minute video explaining two tools you will use for formative assessments and one tool as a summative assessment.  In your video explain when you would use the tools and how you plan on using the tools.  Please include specific details.

You may use any video creation/editing tool of your choice but below are some recommended tools.


Choice 3: Find Assessment Apps
Select three apps that are not discussed in this module and create a presentation explaining how those apps can be used for classroom assessment purposes.  Please select two apps for formative assessments and one app as a summative assessment. Your presentation should have at least 10 slides and offer details about how the apps can be used in the classroom.

You may use any video creation/editing tool of your choice but below are some recommended tools.



Reflection: Take a moment to reflect on the work that you've accomplished and where you will go from here.

  • As you start to see the different types of projects students can create on the iPad, what are you most excited about?  What challenges do you foresee taking place as students create projects on the iPad?
  • How will the iPad assist you in gathering formative assessment data?
  • Exit Ticket – Show what you know!

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