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The annual WOSU Classroom Impact Award recognizes a passionate educator who displays a commitment to lifelong learning. Educators who embrace a mindset of lifelong learning continue to explore creative and innovative teaching methods and, in turn, achieve better student outcomes. Such an obvious love of learning is infectious and sets an example for students, transforming the way they navigate their world, developing pride in achievement and raising their self-esteem.


2020 Classroom Impact Award Winner Announced

Congratulations to Keith Leonard of The Wellington School for being selected at the winner of the 2020 Classroom Impact Award. Keith was in good company with several other strong candidates vying for the award, but he ultimately won out for his work with podcasting in his ELA classroom.

“Over the last couple of years my students and I have attempted to utilize podcasting as a way to make our English classroom more engaging,” said Leonard, who teaches grades 11–12. “I have no background in radio, but I’ve been shocked at how well my students have taken to the audio medium. They’ve created complex, well-produced audio pieces – two of which were national finalists in last year’s NPR Student Podcast Challenge.”

“WOSU Classroom is ideally positioned to provide these kinds of real-world, hands-on learning experiences,” said Amy Palermo, chief content director, WOSU Classroom. “Because we are part of WOSU Public Media, we have media industry expertise, tools and technology resources, and access to WOSU’s NPR reporters, broadcast producers and engineers.”

As part of the prize package, Keith will receive a $1,000 donation to his classroom, and will be celebrated with a lunch break at his school early next school year. He will also be featured in the WOSU TV program guide, Airfare, as well as the Fall Classroom Course Catalog.




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