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Want to earn graduate credit?Ashland University graduate credit is available for all WOSU Classroom professional learning classes for an additional fee.

1 Accumulate 12.5 Contact Hours

Attend 12.5 hours of sessions (excluding breaks and meals) for each semester hour of grad credit through any combination of classes  (face-to-face, online or virtual)  within one year.

Keep track of your classes on the attendance log. See the directions at the bottom of the page if you need help making a copy of the spreadsheet.

2 Complete an Assignment

Choose one of the following assignments to submit with your attendance log:

  1. As you reflect on your learning during this professional development experience, identify and explain two practices or concepts that resonated with you. In a two-page typed paper, describe how you will implement them in your district, school or classroom.
  2. Create a presentation on a topic presented during the classes to share with colleagues.  Include your presentation and a one page, typed paper describing the type of presentation, who the attendees would be, and any images, links and other resources used in the presentation.
  3. If you take a WOSU Classroom online course, you may submit the evidence of learning used to earn the badge.  Please note that the “Creating a Learning Path” course assignment may not be used to meet this requirement.

3 Register with Ashland University

Complete the Ashland online registration form and RETURN IT TO ASHLAND along with payment. Any applications or payments sent to WOSU Classroom will be returned. Every 12.5 contact hours equals one semester hour of graduate credit for $194.

  • Course Number 6160 X2 = 1 credit hour (course work must be completed by 8/20/2020)
  • Course Number 6160 Y2 = 2 credit hour (course work must be completed by 8/20/2020)
  • Course Number 6160 Z2 = 3 credit hour (course work must be completed by 8/20/2020)

4 Submit Your Work to WOSU Classroom

Complete the assignment submission form once you have completed all course work.  You will receive a confirmation email within 109 business days confirming that your grades have been posted to Ashland.

5 Don’t Miss the Deadline

You must register with Ashland and submit your work (attendance log and field study) 30 days after attendance at the last WOSU Classroom sessions or by August 1,  whichever comes first.

Help making a Google or Excel copy of the attendance form….

To make a copy of the Google spreadsheet:

  1. After clicking on the attendance log link, make sure you are signed into your Google account (top right corner of the window).
  2. Select File >  Make a copy.  Enter a new document name (include your first and last name).  The document is now saved in your Google Drive.

To download an Excel spreadsheet:

  1. Click on the attendance log link.
  2. Select FIle > Download as > Microsoft Excel.  Make sure to include your first and last name when naming the file.