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Career Connections

Connecting school work to the job world is an essential exercise with solid benefits to students.

The video profiles in Career Connections bridge school and work by giving insights into a wide array of jobs including careers in STEM, information technology, international business, manufacturing and health and wellness.

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Allied Health

Allied health professionals make up a significant segment of the US health workforce—60% is a recent estimate. They provide a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic, technical and support services. Here are insights into some of the professions.

Health and Wellness

The health care industry continues to add jobs into the economy in substantial numbers. Here’s a close look at some of them.

Hot Pursuits

Hot Pursuits gives the viewer insight into some of the coolest careers today in a job market that rewards solid grounding in STEM—science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

International Business

The Encyclopedia of Business defines international business as “transactions that take place across national borders.” These career profiles give a fresh perspective on jobs that may involve bridging cultural boundaries in the course of doing business.


The Ohio Manufacturing Association reports that manufacturing is responsible for 18% of the state’s Gross Domestic Product. The 2015 update counts more than 670,000 manufacturing jobs in Ohio. Take a closer look at some of the jobs and companies that fuel the state economy.

Working IT

WORKING IT is a series of six video profiles of professionals successfully navigating careers in technology in various sectors of the economy.

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