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Digital Wellness - Are You Digi-Fit? Wellness - Citizenship - Etiquette - Safety.

Technology is all around us. Devices like smartphones, computers, and tablets have vastly improved the way we learn, solve problems, and work in our daily lives. In our increasingly technology-rich world, it is essential that students are equipped to lead a balanced and healthy digital lifestyle for success in school, at home, and in their future careers.

That’s where the Digital Wellness Project comes in. We’ve been collaborating with school districts across Central Ohio to develop a rigorous digital wellness curriculum that can be easily implemented by any teacher at every grade level to ensure that students have the tools, resources, and skills to interact personally, socially, and educationally in the real world and in digital spaces.

The mission of this project is to create communities that educate and empower students to live digitally balanced lives and they are making safe, healthy, and positive decisions in our technology-rich world. The project aims to instill in every student 4 core values of digital wellness:

Digit-Fit Well Being Well-Being = Balance is Best.
I will maintain a balance between digital and face-to-face interactions in life.
Digi-Fit characters Citizenship Citizenship = Be the Best You.
I will be responsible, ethical, honest, and literate in today’s digital world.
Digi-fit character with heart - Citizenship Etiquette = It’s Cool to Be Kind.
I will choose to be positive with others online.
Digi-Fit Safety Safety = Be Aware.
I will be safe online and protect private information.

Take the Digital Wellness Pledge! Join us on our mission to educate and empower students to lead digitally balanced lives by taking the Digital Wellness Pledge.

We’ll send you the materials you need to get started, and as always, you will have our continued support throughout your digital wellness journey and beyond.

Students doing coursework in a classroom with an iPad.
Student on an ipad in a classroom
Student using a tablet in the classroom.

Parent's Guide

It takes involvement by everyone who works with our children and young adults to help them because of balanced and healthy users of technology. Here are some resources to help parents navigate their children’s use of technology and devices.

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A Hilliard schools student completes classroom work with an iPad. COLUMBUS NEIGHBORHOODS / WOSU

About Digital Wellness

It’s all Free! Use pieces, change parts, or implement the whole caboodle. We want you to take the resources found through the Digital Wellness website and mold them to fit your school’s needs.

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