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A family working on a craft project

Let us partner with you to offer the following activities into your existing programs for children and families.  Please contact for fees and additional information.

Family and Community Learning

Multi-generational hands-on family engagement designed to support science and literacy development among children and families. Families attend four, 2-hour weekly sessions, including a family mealtime. Families take home materials each week to support ongoing family engagement. 

  • Designed for 8-10 families with children ages 2-5
    • PBS KIDS Play & Learn Science
    • Peg + Cat (math concepts: numbers, counting, sorting, patterning, 2-D and 3-D shapes)
  • Designed for 8-10 families with children ages 5-8
    • The Ruff Ruffman Show (science inquiry and engineering design practices)
    •  PBS KIDS ScratchJr (STEM and core coding concepts)
    • Ready, Jet, Go!


Five-day hands-on camp experiences designed to engage groups of children and their teachers using PBS Kids programming, resources, games and apps. Campers and teachers attend five, 2-3 hour daily sessions. Campers take home materials each day to support ongoing family engagement. 

  • Pre-K Camps
    • Math Camp (Peg + Cat)
    • Literacy Camp (Super WHY! and other PBS Kids programs)
    • Social and Emotional Learning Camp (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood)
  • School Age
    • Sensational Science Camp with Ruff Ruffman (science inquiry and engineering design practices) 
    • Odd Squad “Be The Agent” Camp (solve cases and create gadgets using teamwork, math, science inquiry, engineering design process and creativity)