Course Description:

Blended learning is a student-centered approach to instruction that gives the student the ability to control time, place, or pace of the learning. In this badge, the aim is to look at blended learning and identify some of the different models of blended learning. Then you will explore how a classroom with mobile devices, like an iPad, can integrate those devices into a blended classroom to engage and provide that student-centered setting.

Prerequisites: Must have skills outlined in the “Basic iPad Skills” online module

Course Competency:

  • Gain an understanding of Blended Learning
  • Differentiate between different Models of Blended Learning
  • Explore iPad Apps for Blended Learning
  • Design a classroom Blended Learning environment with iPads
Course Syllabus






  • Video with Blended Learning in action is a school that has implemented the Station Rotation model of Blended Learning.  Is the change that is shown in this video of classroom teaching and use of space possible at your school or in your classroom?
  • High School with Blended Model is a High School in California that created a Blended Model which allows students freedom in where they learn the content and in how it is delivered.  When you watch this video, what do think are the pro/cons of the Blended Model they have set up.
  • Using an iPad in Math class is an article from Edutopia and in it the teacher talks about the use of an iPad to her math class to bring differentiation to her classroom. if this teacher had a whole class set of iPads what would change in this lesson?
  • Hilliard City Schools iPad classroom use is a post on the Hilliard City schools Technology Blog about a teacher using an iPad App Explain Everything, to have students demonstrate learning. How might this lesson, in this post, be put into a Blended Model?



Choice Board

Choose one of the following assignments to complete and submit as evidence that you have mastered the information and applications found in the course.  Refer to the Choice Board Evaluation Rubric and the Guidelines for Submitting Your Assignment to ensure your evidence contains the necessary elements.

Choice 1: Write It Out

Now it is your turn! Think about your classroom and write a 2-page paper with the following:

Model: What Blended Learning Model (Flex, Rotation, etc) are/will you using in your classroom? What does/will it look like and why have you chosen this model?

Classroom Design: How did/will the physical space in your classroom change? Did/will you need new equipment or to re-arrange seating? How will the iPads be a part of the classroom space?

Class Procedures: Did/will students be expected to understand or practice new procedures and rules.

Lessons: How would your lessons change to incorporate this style of classroom?

Technology: How would you incorporate the iPad into the classroom and your lessons?

Choice 2: Peer Share

Select two iPad Apps and create a presentation, with at least ten slides, explaining how those apps could be used in a Blended Classroom. Describe the purpose of the App and give examples of how it would be used in lessons.

For your presentation, consider using Google SlidesPowerPointHaiku DeckPezi or any presentation software in which you are comfortable.

Choice 3: Record a Lesson

Record a Blended Learning lesson that you teach in which you use the iPad.  At the end of the video, please share a 2-3 minute reflection of how you feel this lesson went, the positives from the lesson, and negatives (reminder – these can be learning experiences), as well as what you might change for next time.

You may use any video creation/editing tool of your choice but below are some recommended tools.





  • What style of blended learning would fit your classroom/school?

  • If you had to pick one iPad app to drive your classroom (assessments,collaboration) what app would you pick?

  • Exit Ticket – Show what you know!