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Sign Up: WeeklyeNews for Parents & Educators

When Ohio closed K-12 schools in March, we began sending out daily newsletters to support families and educators teaching and learning from home. We will continue sending daily newsletters until June 1st, at which point we will shift to sending out the enews weekly to continue to support learning throughout the summer.

The enewsletters contain curated resources from PBS and our fellow member stations with online learning activities, crafts, and more to keep kids engaged and learning at home. You can subscribe to receive the enewsletter in your inbox by completing this form.

Each email contains activities for kids from toddlers to teens, but don’t feel like you can only do the activity that is listed for your child’s grade. Learning comes in many forms and doing activities that might seem a little advanced will help your child grow. Likewise, doing an activity from a grade or 2 below your child’s will help reinforce important ideas that they will continue to build on throughout their academic career.

For the duration of summer break, we will be sending out newsletter out once a week, as opposed to daily.

6/1/2020: Drawing Challenges
6/8/2020: Robots!
6/15/2020: Think Like A Scientists!
6/22/2020: Robotics 

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