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In Ohio and nationally, there’s a mismatch between in-demand jobs and workers trained to fill them.

By the year 2025, 60 percent of Americans will need credentials beyond a high school diploma – whether a college degree or high-skills training, according to Lumina Foundation’s 2019 Strong Nation report. However, the report found fewer than 45 percent of Ohioans have the right kind of training to fill them.

COVID-19 has posed a number of challenges to workers and rendered some positions obsolete. From Here to Career highlights fields that are continuing to grow in spite of the pandemic.

In the From Here to Career video series, we hear from young people who have found a path to an in-demand career and their stories of how they got there. Each episode is uniquely told demonstrating the various ways to gain skill training toward employment or better employment.

From Here to Career is a series of videos produced by Ohio American Graduate Getting to Work public media stations. These stories are produced by WOSU Public Media, CET in Cincinnati and ideastream in Cleveland. Learn more at the national American Graduate website.

IT Instructor Jammes Luckett
Ashleigh Rae in her role as a Surgical Technologist.

Surgical Technologist Ashleigh Rea

After graduating with a four-year degree in psychology, Ashleigh Rea struggled to find a job that was fulfilling and could pay off her student loans. She spent years as a nanny and then in food service before she enrolled in Columbus State’s Surgical Technology program.

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Brian Sabo works on a Control Panel
Rebecca Lewis reviews blueprints at a construction site.
Software engineer Kait Matthey does work on her laptop computer
Chris Garrett sitting in an automation technician workshop.

Automation Technician Chris Garrett

After he made the "short-sighted" decision to drop out of high school, Chris Garrett worked in the food services industry for over a decade. But, after his daughter was born, he was determined to set an example. He is now an automation technician, fixing the robots and machinery that assemble hand sanitizer containers.

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Harry Quiñones in front of the 787 Market & Café in old Brooklyn Ohio
Direct to Supply Technician Omayra Serrano working in a warehouse