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WOSU Public Media is collaborating with local organizations, educational institutions and businesses to assess workforce challenges and opportunities, and production of content focused on the essential skills needed for students and workers to succeed in the job markets of today and tomorrow.

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Brian Sabo works on a Control Panel
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Rivet Podcast

WOSU’s original podcast steps off the conventional career path and follows the next generation of workers as they find jobs that pay well and they enjoy.

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Career Resources

There isn’t a single path to success, but many ways to find well-paying work that you enjoy. Check out these resources for you to explore the different careers and career pathways we’ve talked about on the Rivet podcast.

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WOSU's Leticia Wiggins talksd to Heidi Clark, an English teacher at Dublin Jerome High School, and Dr. Steve Kucinski, an educator from Dublin Coffman High School about Future Careers.
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Students at the Dublin Emerald Campus build a structure as a part of work-based learning in the engineering group.

Career Readiness +

Career Readiness + explores the guiding principles and operations of innovative learning programs in central Ohio that facilitate student transition from high school to postsecondary education and work.

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Forging Your Path - students working on building project.

Forging Your Path

Learn how young people in Central Ohio can get in-demand, well-paying jobs, many of which don’t require a four-year degree, through apprenticeships, certificates, two-year degrees, and other programs.

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The Career Path Less Taken from American Graduate, Corporation for Public Broadcasting and CET, ideastream and WOSU Public Media

The Career Path Less Taken

Against the backdrop of Ohio’s looming skills gap, The Career Path Less Taken travels across the state to innovative career-tech education programs (CTE) that are preparing young people for the jobs of tomorrow.

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Advanced Manufacturing Engineer working with a robot
Marketplace Morning Report host David Brancaccio (center) leads a discussion on the future of work with Scot McLemore (left), Talent Acquisition and Deployment | HR and Admin Division of Honda North America, Inc. and Lisa Patt-McDaniel, president and CEO of Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio.
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Patricia Harrison, President and CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, is pictured with students from across Ohio as WOSU co-produced a gubernatorial candidate digital forum last October.
Erika Miller at a factory
IT Instructor Jammes Luckett
Ashleigh Rae in her role as a Surgical Technologist.

Surgical Technologist Ashleigh Rea

After graduating with a four-year degree in psychology, Ashleigh Rea struggled to find a job that was fulfilling and could pay off her student loans. She spent years as a nanny and then in food service before she enrolled in Columbus State’s Surgical Technology program.

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Brian Sabo works on a Control Panel
Rebecca Lewis reviews blueprints at a construction site.
Software engineer Kait Matthey does work on her laptop computer
Chris Garrett sitting in an automation technician workshop.

Automation Technician Chris Garrett

After he made the "short-sighted" decision to drop out of high school, Chris Garrett worked in the food services industry for over a decade. But, after his daughter was born, he was determined to set an example. He is now an automation technician, fixing the robots and machinery that assemble hand sanitizer containers.

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Harry Quiñones in front of the 787 Market & Café in old Brooklyn Ohio
Direct to Supply Technician Omayra Serrano working in a warehouse