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A PBS member station, WOSU TV features award-winning children’s shows, public affairs, science, and nature as well as award-winning locally produced shows such as Broad & High, Columbus Neighborhoods, Columbus on the Record, and In the Know.

Over the air, WOSU TV can be seen on digital receivers at 34.0, WOSU-HD 34.1, WOSU-Ohio 34.2, WOSU-Plus 34.3.

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WOSU Digital TV
WOSU DT signed on in 2003 with central Ohio’s first full-power digital television signal. WOSU DTV currently includes:

  • WOSU HD (Spectrum 1007; WOW! 205; AT&T UVerse 1034 and Over-the-air at 34.1) provides full-time high-definition or digital widescreen programming featuring art, culture, nature, and more.
  • WOSU Ohio (Spectrum 991; WOW! 150 and Over-the-air at 34.2) showcases programming from The Ohio Channel which includes live legislative and public affairs coverage the capital. All Sides with Ann Fisher can also be seen live weekdays from 10 am to noon.
  • WOSU Plus (Spectrum 994; WOW! 153 and Over-the-air at 34.3) delivers programming that is a delay of prime PBS programming and CREATE TV, a daytime how-to and lifestyle series.
  • WOSU Kids (Spectrum 993; Over-the-air at 34.4 and Streaming online) features 24/7 programming from PBS KIDS featuring favorites like Super Why, Sesame Street, Clifford and Splash and Bubbles. Movies and specials are also offered during the all-day lineup. Live streaming of the channel can be found at
  • WOSU On Demand. Watch your favorite WOSU original productions and programs through the Time Warner Digital Cable Channel 411.

Columbus Collaborative Programs
This unique model builds local partnerships to create programming of interest to the broader community. Examples that can be seen on Columbus Collaborative include the Columbus New Americans programming and Ohio State University programming, like Health Science Frontiers.

Columbus Neighborhoods
As a product of Columbus’ bicentennial in 2012, WOSU Public Media has developed local programming, an interactive website, community conversations and outreach efforts focused on 12-segment Emmy® award-winning documentary series.

Digital television has opened the door to the use of datacasting technology which permits us to distribute additional data within our digital signal. WOSU is one of the Ohio PTV stations currently partnering with the Ohio Emergency Management agency to use this technology to transmit emergency alerting and public safety information around the state.