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Heather Griffith, a fourth-grade teacher in Westerville received the Outstanding Teacher Award

Heather Griffith, a fourth-grade teacher in Westerville received the Outstanding Teacher Award as a part of WOSU Classroom’s Excellence in Education Awards.

Awards Bolster WOSU Public Media’s Efforts to Share Passion for Education, Technology and Innovation

Contact: Meredith Hart, Marketing & Communications Director

COLUMBUS, OHIO, April 26, 2018 – For the first time, WOSU Public Media and WOSU Classroom recognized the most outstanding school district and teacher in central Ohio through the Excellence in Education Awards.

In this inaugural year, honorees were those who demonstrated excellence and innovation implementing technology in the classroom. The awards were presented last night at WOSU Classroom’s Innovation Mixer.

Heather Griffith, a fourth-grade teacher at Westerville, and Pickerington Local School District accepted their awards for Outstanding Teacher and Distinguished District, respectively.

Amy Palermo, WOSU’s Chief Content Director of Educational Technology, launched these awards to provide educators with the appreciation they deserve.

“In the world of technology, it’s always changing. We don’t stop and recognize the successes because we’re so often on to the next thing. We need to celebrate the student and teacher growth,” Palermo said.

Griffith says the award emphasized she will always be learning.

“It’s an honor to be recognized. It’s hard to try new things in the classroom and go on a limb,” she says.

Bryan Seymour, the Director of Instructional Technology at Pickerington agrees: “It shows it’s not just one individual or a small group that’s doing this, it’s the entire district, all 670 teachers piling together for students.”

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