WPBO-TV in Portsmouth, Ohio will cease operations on Wednesday, October 25, 2017. The public television station sold its broadcast license, held by The Ohio State University, in the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) spectrum auction in the spring of 2017.

Press Release: WPBO-TV In Portsmouth, Ohio Goes Off The Air In October

Why has the FCC sold this television spectrum?
As many as 34 million Americans live in an area where they can’t get broadband wireless access to the Internet. People living in the rural part of the country have the most problems with access. The spectrum auction will eliminate television broadcasting for Channels 38 to 51 to provide spectrum for wireless companies to provide broadband access to areas such as southern Ohio.

What is the history and service area of WPBO-TV?
The state of Ohio held the original license to WPBO-TV which went on the air in October 1973 and duplicated the programming of the WOSU-TV service in Columbus.

Five years later, the state transferred the license to The Ohio State University. The station serves the general public in all or portions of the following Ohio counties: Adams, Gallia, Highland, Jackson, Lawrence, Pike and Scioto.


WPBO TV’s coverage area.

What are alternative ways to receive PBS programming if I live in one of those counties?
If you receive your television programming through a cable or satellite system, you will continue to receive at least one PBS member station. Those may include WOSU Columbus, WOUB Athens, WCET Cincinnati, or the PBS stations provided by the Kentucky Educational Television network or West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

If you cannot locate a PBS station on your cable or satellite system, please call them to inquire or contact WOSU at 614.292.9678. Providers in the region include Spectrum Cable (877.772.2253), DirecTV (800.531.5000) and Dish TV (800.333.3474).