Beyond the Gridiron - The Life and Times of Woody Hayes chronicles Hayes' rise from high school coach in a small Ohio town to college football dominance as the head coach of the Ohio State University Buckeyes. Hayes' Ohio State teams won 5 National Titles and 4 Rose Bowls and he was twice elected Coach of the Year.

This first ever public television documentary on Woody Hayes also looks at the times that shaped the man, from WWII through the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement. Never shy with an opinion, Woody Hayes was deeply political and never compromised his beliefs, no matter how unpopular. Through it all, Woody Hayes remains one of the most controversial sports figures in American history. Loved, hated, revered, despised...but always a winner.

Program funding provided by:
John H. McConnell
Davis Foundation
The Columbus Dispatch
Franklin Foundation, Inc.
Jameson Crane
The W.W. Williams Co.
Homewood Corporation
Cole Publishing, Inc.
Karen and Megan Wright
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Beyond the Gridiron - The Life and Times of Woody Hayes is a production of Crouse Entertainment Group and The Duncan Group.

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