Regional Emmys

2002– Documentary Program: A Simple Matter of God & Country, Daniel Levy, Edwin R. Clay, WOSU-TV
2001 – Interview/Discussion Program: Thomas Jefferson & Sally Hemmings: A Family Conversation, Richard James, Edwin R. Clay, WOSU-TV
2000 – Features/Entertainment: Buckeye Moment, Edwin R. Clay, WOSU-TV
2000 – Informational Program: Renewable Power, Edwin R. Clay, Geoffrey Holland, Willis L. Parker, WOSU-TV
1999 – Documentary Program: The Man Who Had Everything, Edwin R. Clay, Brent Greene, WOSU-TV
1998 – Instructional Program: Capital City USA: Learning from the Past, Edwin R. Clay, Tamara Robison, Marcelita Haskins, WOSU-TV
1997 – Audio - Live: JAZZVoices, Steve Jones, WOSU-TV
1996 – Art Director: I Was Young, Now I'm Wonderful, Kaizaad Navroze Kotwal, WOSU-TV
1996 – Music Composition/Arrangement Composite: Edwin R. Clay, WOSU-TV
1996 – Entertainment Program: I Was Young, Now I'm Wonderfu,l Edwin R. Clay, Renee Jensen, WOSU-TV
1995 – Documentary Program: CsurisVision, Edwin R. Clay, Renee Jensen, WOSU-TV
1993 – Photographer - Non-News: The Birthmark, Scott Spears, WOSU-TV
1993 –Entertainment Program: Robert Post in Performance, Edwin R. Clay, Renee Jensen, Tom Williamson, WOSU-TV
1993 – Entertainment Program: The Birthmark, Edwin R. Clay, Willis Parker, Susan Resatka, WOSU-TV
1992 – Short Subjects: d'Art, Renee Jensen, WOSU-TV
1990 – Short Subjects: d'Art, Renee Jensen, Marty Buchsbaum, WOSU-TV
1983 – Audio Special Request: Bobby Floyd, Ed Thompson, WOSU-TV
1980 – Entertainment Program: The Niche, Ralph Colelli, WOSU-TV
1980 – Informational/Instructional/Documentary Program: Artcetera, Robert W. Shaw, WOSU-TV
1978 – Entertainment/Special Events: Producer Andy Single, Mary Elaine Evans, WOSU-TV
1978 – News: Producer, Ohio Journal #301: Rights of the Mentally Retarded, Rich Yepsen, WOSU-TV
1978 – Entertainment/Special Events: Producer, Andy Single, Mary Elaine Evans, WOSU-TV
1977 – News: Reporting, Ohio Journal: Capital Punishment, Paul Hogan, WOSU-TV
1977 – Special Events: Graphic Design, Soldier's Tale, Ron Franks, WOSU-TV
1976 – Entertainment: Lighting Mandella (Series), Engineering Crew, WOSU-TV
1976 – Entertainment: Scenic Design, The North Pole (Series), Ron Franks, Keith Moore, WOSU-TV
1976 – Entertainment: Title Graphics Series, Keith Knore, WOSU-TV
1975 – Audio Mixer: Jazz for Tomorrow, Ed Thompson, WOSU-TVv 1975 – Programs: (Producer) Truly American, Series, Ohio Department of Education, WOSU-TV
1975 – Audio: Jazz for Tomorrow, Allan Hundley, John Archer, WOSU-TV
1975 – Programs: (Producer) It Happened Here: Ohio Historical Field Trips, Series, Ohio Department of Education, WOSU-TV
1973 – Individuals: Editing, A Promise Shared, Greg Bowler, WOSU-TV
1973 – Individuals: Cinematography, A Promise Shared, Darrel Muething, WOSU-TV
1973 – Programs: A Promise Shared, WOSU-TV
1973 – Individuals: Script, Author, Narrator, A Promise Shared, Don Davis, WOSU-TV
1971 – Individuals: Pianist, Collage, Marilyn Neeley, WOSU-TV
1971 – Individuals: Violinist, Collage, Robert Gerle, WOSU-TV
1971 – Programs: Collage, The Beethoven Violin and Piano Sonatas, Thom Yancy, WOSU-TV
1970 – Programs: Law and the Sixth Grader, WOSU-TV
1968 – Programs: The Music of Al Waslohn, Gene Weiss, WOSU-TV
1965 – Programs: Ohio Save the Union, Tom Gillette, George Lindsey, WOSU-TV

Ohio Education Broadcasting Awards

1994 – An Evening with the Jazz Arts group
1994 – The Birthmark
1993 – Ameriflora 92
1993 – In the Know
1993 – WOSU-TV project
1993 – Getaway; House of Glass; Quick Trip
1992 – compuART; dart; Election Forum; Getaway
1991 – In the Know; Explore 34; TBDBITL; dArt
1990 – Read On!; Pledge Free August; Weekly Reader; Warehouse Sale; Son of Heaven; dArt

Central Education Network Awards

Robert Post in Performance.
Son of Heaven

PBS Awards

1993 – Membership
1993 – Overall development
1993 – Auction
1992 – Station ID
1990 – Weekly Reader

Ohio Community Education Association Distinguished Service Award

1992-93 – Statewide Teleconference Series

Society of Professional Journalism Awards

1990 – Excellence in Journalism (2)

Chris Awards

1998 – The Man Who Had Everything
1998 – Bronze: Take Note: Dancing Into the Future
1996 – Voices from the Village: Africentricity defined?;
1996 – Voices from the Village: Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies;
1996 – Voices from the Village: The Need for Spirituality.
1996 – CompuART II; Echoes Across the Oval; Marion Remembers; Claiming Open Spaces; I Was Young, Now Im Wonderful.
1995 – Bronze: CsurisVision
1994 – An Evening with the Jazz Arts Group