Written by: Stacia Hentz
Date: July 19, 2017

From Wild Alaska Live Brown bear catching salmon in Brooks Falls Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska.

Brown bear catching salmon in Brooks Falls Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska is an example of one of the scenes from Wild Alaska Live. Photo: Gareth Wildman

PBS is once again partnering with the BBC on the three-night live event Wild Alaska Live, premiering at 8pm Sunday night, July 23 on WOSU TV.  

Wild Alaska Live will give viewers an up close and personal look at the vast Alaskan wilderness. Capturing the remarkable wildlife of Alaska as they gather to take part in the summer feast. The remaining episodes will air live on July 26 and 30 at 8pm on WOSU TV.

Wild Alaska Live, hosted by the Emmy Award®-winning Kratt brothers, Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt, will visit several locations, including points near Juneau and the Tongass National Forest, looking for black bears and bald eagles, the vast Kenai Fjords National Park, in search of orcas and humpback whales and the Katmai National Park, where the elusive wolves live and hunt.

“We’re using live TV technology to amplify the story of one of nature’s great spectacles as it happens,” said Bill Margol, Senior Director, Programming & Development for PBS. “This cycle of feast and famine here in Alaska has been going on for millennia, but this is the first time PBS viewers have had the chance to see it live as it happens.”

Follow along on-air and online

All three broadcast episodes will live-stream simultaneously on pbs.org and will be simulcast on our new WOSUkids (34.4) service. Through PBS’ FacebookInstagram and Twitter accounts, viewers will get behind-the-scenes looks at the show’s massive production each broadcast night.  

Through video and interactive content on pbs.org/wildalaskalive, viewers can explore the Alaskan wilderness with PBS and the BBC as events take place during the week, on and off the air.

This is your chance to see the wonders of the Alaskan wildlife, without having to travel there. I hope you’ll join WOSU TV for this exciting live adventure.


  • Klaus VonNudelman

    At least you guys are treating him with respect. The rest of PBS is disgusting.

    • GGW1970

      You are obviously not watching the same PBS as I am. Every series is fantastic and most well done!

  • grandmasitter

    When does Season 4 start?

    • GGW1970

      June 18, 2017

  • Josephine White

    Miss Fisher’s mysteries are the most well written and beautifully costumed show on television any country, any genre. I am from New Mexico, (not New and Not Mexico,). I watch this show with my grand daughters and we all love Miss Fisher. To end it at season 3 is totally unreasonable. Let’s get the gang back together and protest, write, blog, twitter or what ever to make them do more. I am a month from being 70, so I will write real letters. Jo White, USA.

    • Celia R. Javadi

      I agree.

      Are you the Jo White who put the Mooney family history on the Everything Cherokee website?

  • Donna Steele

    Fishers mysteries, season 3 is over. Bummer. I am waiting for season 4. While I am waiting, how about a repeat of 1, 2, & 3. Doc. Martin, as Time Goes by, and Keeping up Appearance, do it. I would love to watch the repeats.