Written by: Stacia Hentz
Date: May 3, 2016

Destruction caused by the Easter Rising, 1916 in Dublin, Ireland.

Destruction caused by the Easter Rising, 1916 in Dublin, Ireland.

Easter week of April 1916 was eventful for the people of Dublin, Ireland. Irish Republicans wanted their independence from the United Kingdom.

In 1916 British troops were fighting World War I and not thinking about having to defend their rule of Ireland. This was just the opportunity the Irish Republicans needed.

The Easter Rebellion began on Monday, April 24, 1916 and lasted for six days. The Irish Volunteers managed to seize control of parts of Dublin and claim an Irish Republic. The British brought in heavy reinforcements and artillery to defend their rule. Outnumbered and out gunned the Irish Volunteers fell to the British army and the rebellion was over.

However the Easter Rebellion led to an increase in support for Irish independence and two years later, in the 1918 general election, the Irish Republicans won a landslide victory to the British Parliament. It was the beginning of the Irish war for independence.

On Tuesday night, May 10 from 8-11pm, WOSU TV presents the 3-part documentary 1916 The Irish Rebellion. Narrated by Liam Neeson, the program documents the events of April 1916 through the Irish perspective. 

The documentary features rarely seen archival footage and lays out for viewers the context of hundreds of years of Anglo-Irish history. The rebellion cost lives in 1916 and in the decades to come, but the final outcome was historic for the people of Ireland.