Zero Political Commercials - Bypass 2016 Election Clutter - Contact WOSU representative 614.247.4469

On the road to the 2016 Presidential Election, avoid the hazards of a cluttered market.

This year, election messages will cause a traffic jam in commercial broadcasting inventory, drive up rates and drain consumer attention.

Being in both a swing state and the capital’s market, means that Columbus’ media will be saturated by political advertising.

On WOSU TV, 89.7 NPR News and Classical 101, your business will never compete with political ads for attention – we do not run political advertising. We air less than 2 minutes of sponsor messages per hour. That means your message will be seen, heard and remembered.

Thoughtful Analysis and Credible Coverage

Public media provides a haven away from the clutter and hype of an election season for both marketers and consumers. Our community turns to the thoughtful analysis of the day’s events on 89.7 NPR News and its local programs like All Sides with Ann Fisher.

Civic leaders and decision-makers watch our credible news coverage on WOSU TV with Columbus on the Record, PBS NewsHour and Washington Week with Gwen Ifill. And for solace from the cacophony of sensationalized stories, listeners tune in to Classical 101.

Contact your WOSU Public Media representative for a plan on how you can drive through the political ad clutter.

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