Written by: Stephanie Fields
Date: November 18, 2014

Stephanie with Audrey  Hasson

If media is a career you’ve set your sights on, then I have three pieces of advice for you: intern, intern, intern. This is a great way to receive a crash-intro course into what a career in media is like and gauge whether it’s where you can see yourself spending the next 5-20 years. From marketing, to underwriting, to producing, find a position that interests you and explore it.

Perhaps you’re of the cautious sort and like to weigh the risks and the gains of things, or you’re just wondering what a typical day is like for a WOSU intern; well, in the words of the great Forrest Gump, it’s “like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

WOSU Public Media produces a series of quality, engaging shows, and, as a production intern, I get to work on two of them: Columbus on the Record, and Broad & High.

When working on Broad & High, I am either running teleprompter for B&H’s wonderful host, Audrey Hasson, during stand-ups, or I am helping the producer, Jackie Shafer, with administrative and creative tasks such as: editing video segments, researching interview questions, and writing scripts. I also get to work with our videographers and assist them on shoots.

Tasks for Columbus on the Record include: running teleprompter, assisting guests and host, and performing floor director duties.

What’s exiting about each show is there is no script, at least for me. Some of the most exciting and equally chaotic things happen in my role here at WOSU—I’ve experienced the teleprompter malfunctioning during a live taping, a camera man getting sick and having to leave the set during filming, and much more—but they have all made for a thrilling experience as an intern and in my journey toward a career in media.

I always knew media and entertainment was the career field for me, but interning at WOSU has given me the hands on, up-close-and-personal experience to affirm that this is, indeed, the path for me. If you are someone who enjoys a fast-paced, casual, and creative work-place, check out some WOSU internship opportunities; perhaps I’ll see you around.