Written by: Andrew Zistler
Date: June 6, 2014

John Glenn : A Life of Service is an Emmy nominated documentary from WOSU

John Glenn : A Life of Service is an Emmy nominated documentary from WOSU

Four original WOSU Public Media programs have been nominated this year for an Emmy.

Whether or not WOSU takes home the awards, it is and honor and an accomplishment to be nominated so many times. Thanks to all who’ve worked so hard to make this achievement possible, and good luck.

The awards will be presented in Columbus on August 2 in Columbus.

Columbus Neighborhoods: The South Side This is an eye-opening documentary about the history and culture of this distinctive part of Columbus, which is in transition was nominated for the best Documentary – Historical.  WOSU staff involved in the documentary were Brent Davis, Cindy Gaillard, Shawn Likley, Tom Rieland, Ryan Schlagbaum, Andrew Ina, Mary Rathke, George Levert.

John Glenn: A Life of Service: chronicles this American hero, born in Ohio, who has dedicated himself to a life of duty and public service. This documentary was also nominated for best Documentary – Historical. Produced by Shawn Likley and Ben Bays.


Broad & High:  An exciting and original weekly magazine show, developed by the award-winning production team of WOSU Public Media, explores the character and creativity of Columbus. The show was nominated for best Magazine Program. WOSU staff involved in the show are Brent Davis, Cindy Gaillard, Andrew Ina, Ryan Schlagbaum, Jackie Shafer, Audrey Hasson.

Columbus Neighborhoods: Behind The Scenes: Producers Brent Davis and Cindy Gaillard discuss process of producing the Columbus Neighborhoods series. The program was nominated for best Short Format Program.

  • Ray

    I would love to see this, but missed it. How many others want WOSU to replay it?