Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: May 7, 2009

A survey of 986 nonprofit leaders in the country by the Nonprofit Finance Fund lead to the headline “America’s Nonprofits in Danger.” The survey found that only 12 percent of nonprofits expect to end the year in the black and that one-third didn’t have operating funds to cover more than a month of expenses. In the public broadcasting community, a similar survey found the average public station budget down 15 percent this fiscal year, with some station losses exceeding 25 percent. Public stations across the country have had to resort to laying off a number of staff or going out of business. The latest victim is the PBS station in Flint, Michigan.

WOSU is leaving a number of vacant positions unfilled to help remain within our budget. Just as families throughout Ohio are looking at cost cutting measures, WOSU is reviewing every opportunity to reduce expenses. One way to do so is to cease print publication of AirFare for the summer months, when TV viewing is traditionally down. This saves both postage and printing costs. WOSU is also cutting back on travel, advertising, student wages, supplies and delaying maintenance on equipment. Our entire staff is involved in developing ideas for cutting expenses and new revenue opportunities.

Our spring radio pledge drive started today and so far we’re on goal and doing well. Please accept our deepest thanks for your support of local public broadcasting during this critical time.