Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: November 21, 2013

Here & Now logo

Here & Now tracks the events of the Kennedy Assassination in real time Friday afternoon on 89.7 NPR News.

In an interesting take on the JFK assassination anniversary on Friday, NPR’s Here & Now will track the events in Dallas on November 22, 1963 in close to real time.  The series of special reports starting at noon and continuing to 4 pm on 89.7 NPR News will mirror the news as it was reported on that Friday 50 years ago.

89.7 NPR News will preempt Fresh Air, On Point, and Science Friday for this special and include a series of first person memories of that day from central Ohioans.  If you were alive (and I was in second grade), you recall where you were that fateful day.  Please tune in.



    The premise is faulty. NPR does not depend on federal funds. Local stations depend on federal funds and that’s where federal funds go. Each local station is governed by its own local community and provides programming for its local community per its local board policies and its community advisory boards, based on local needs and interests. Each station chooses to buy, or not buy, programs from individual production companies and producers, for example, American Public Media, Public Media International, NPR, Association of Independents in Public radio, etc. Each station also produces its own programs. Some local stations, mostly in rural and smaller communities, depend on federal funds for up to 50% of their budget. Stations in the larger markets may get less than 5% federal funds. So to cut federal dollars is to prevent the smallest communities the opportunity to have locally controlled public media. Based on the facts, the discussion is very different from the one being presented.