Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: April 19, 2013

NPR provided on-going coverage of the hunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. Photo: NPR

NPR provided on-going coverage of the hunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. Photo: NPR

It was an unprecedented day of breaking news last Friday after a night of violence and chaos in Boston.  WOSU’s  89.7 NPR News provided live programming from NPR and the Boston NPR affiliate WBUR throughout the day and into the night.  It’s a reminder that we are the community’s only 24-hour NPR News operation, which in this case meant preempting all other programming, to better serve our listeners.

We’re proud of the thoroughness and care NPR, WBUR and our local news team took in the coverage of the hunt for the suspects of the Boston marathon bombing.

Please stay tuned, keep listening, and support this quality journalism as we focus on meeting critical fundraising goals this week.  The Spring Fund Drive ends on Friday and we must raise $250,000 to continue to provide the national and local programming you appreciate.   Thanks for giving!


    The premise is faulty. NPR does not depend on federal funds. Local stations depend on federal funds and that’s where federal funds go. Each local station is governed by its own local community and provides programming for its local community per its local board policies and its community advisory boards, based on local needs and interests. Each station chooses to buy, or not buy, programs from individual production companies and producers, for example, American Public Media, Public Media International, NPR, Association of Independents in Public radio, etc. Each station also produces its own programs. Some local stations, mostly in rural and smaller communities, depend on federal funds for up to 50% of their budget. Stations in the larger markets may get less than 5% federal funds. So to cut federal dollars is to prevent the smallest communities the opportunity to have locally controlled public media. Based on the facts, the discussion is very different from the one being presented.