Written by: Virginia Macali
Date: March 15, 2016

Flickr:  Mark Belokopyov

Flickr: Mark Belokopyov

Baby Boomer Women are at the epicenter of the marketing world. They possess a lot of decision power and buying power and the marketing industry is taking note.

Women take the lead in decision making and purchasing goods and services, as described in a Harvard Business Review article The Female Economy. It starts with the statement “Women now drive the world economy.” The article cautions against underestimating the female consumer.

Baby Boomer women amplify this trend. Boom: Marketing to the Ultimate Power Consumer-The Baby-Boomer Woman by Mary Brown and Carol Orsborn, Ph.D. explores this rising phenomena. It provides valuable information for anyone who wants to offer a service or product to the demographic of women born between 1946 and 1964.

The book is a collection of short articles by authors with knowledge and experience in this demographic. They explore economic market opportunities for Baby Boomer Women, give examples of ad campaigns, evaluate effectiveness of the effort, and comment on positive impact this trend may have. From the California Avacado Commission to L.L. Bean to Citigroup to Mary Kay, Inc., experts provide examples and insights.

If you think there’s a one-size-fits-all formula to market to these women, you would miss the mark. There’s a whole chapter that describes “Why There’s No Such Thing as ‘The’ Baby Boomer Woman.” They tackle topics like why shrinking a product and making it pink isn’t the answer. They explore the importance of values, motivational drivers, and how women make decisions.

In 5 Facts About Boomer Women and E-commerce, Author Pamela Lockard calls Boomer Women over 50 “Super Consumers” who hold a net worth of $19 trillion dollars. She says that Boomer Women are online, outspend young adults and are active on social media.

What do you notice about marketing efforts toward Baby Boomer Women?

  • Debra Kurtz

    I am witness to many of my friends between ages 58 and 74 who spend thousands of dollars every year on products from QVC and various sites on the Internet. Most important, they do most of their shopping online, even if they purchase the chosen products at a local store or shopping mall. Boomer marketing has drawn them to buy, buy, buy, no matter from where they end up getting the items. I admire the fun these women have sharing their ‘finds’, their pictures and ultimately their homes and then telling the back stories leading to their purchasing decisions. Most of these women are finally able to afford what they have ‘always’ wanted and as we age, marketing connoisseurs appeal to our comfort, our health, our looks, our lost youth, even our sex appeal. Really? Its amazing that we still fall for it, but we do. In this phase of life, sometimes its actually fun to give in to it.

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