Written by: Rich Terepak Jr.
Date: October 3, 2013

Wolf's Ridge Brewery.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewery. Photo by Rich Terapak Jr.

These days, it seems hardly a month goes by that you don’t read about a new microbrewery opening up somewhere in Columbus. Much the way distilleries began popping up in 2008, micro- or craft-breweries are the hottest new commodity in the bar and restaurant world.

As a lover of fine craft beers I am certainly a fan of this trend. However, I’ve found the mission of many of these establishments appears, for the most part, to be to sell beers, while their kitchens often seem an afterthought, meant only to lure diners with salty foods that cause them to consume more beer. Such is not the case at Wolfe’s Ridge. We tried it at lunch time on a work day, enjoyed no beers-just food, and found Wolf’s Ridge menu and kitchen far exceeded our expectations.

First, we ordered the IPA steamed Mussels, with chorizo, onion, tomato, garlic and lemon, served with two crostini, sourced from The Angry Baker, for our customary and indulgent dipping. This dish blew us away. First, the mussels, about 12, were exceedingly large and meaty, bigger than most oysters you’ll ever see. The broth was outstanding, full of flavor from the Belgian Ale, featuring a tomato-onion-garlic-stock base, with a wonderful char flavor, likely derived from the pan-fried chorizo, prior to de-glazing. The broth was so delicious, we had to ask for more crostini, just to soak it all up, as not to waste it. That is saying something.

Wolf's Ridge Brewery IPA Steamed Mussels.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewery IPA Steamed Mussels. Photo by Rich Terapack Jr.

Next, we tried the Duck Confit Tacos, with a stout-based BBQ sauce, corn and black bean relish, along with onion, cilantro and Cojita cheese. The three tacos, which were of ample proportion, were served on flour tortillas, with a side of delicious paprika dusted housed fried tortilla chips. The tacos were surprising light and refreshing, while still very filling.

Wolf's Ridge Brewery Duck Confit Tacos. Photo by Rich Terapak Jr.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewery Duck Confit Tacos. Photo by Rich Terapak Jr.

Lastly, we had the Ahi Tuna Burger, a dish that for me can be notoriously hit-or-miss. However, I was quite pleasantly surprised. Served on a char-marked sesame brioche bun, the tuna steak, which was a plentiful six ounces, was perfectly seared to a rare temperature, which I find to be one of the greatest hurdles for many restaurants.

Wolf's Ridge Brewery Ahi Tuna Burger.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewery Ahi Tuna Burger. Photo by Rich Terapak Jr.

Wolf's Ridge Brewery brewing equipment.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewery brewing equipment. Photo by Rich Terapak Jr.

Topped with avocado, cilantro, pickled peppers and onions, and micro-greens, then finished with a smear of wasabi mayonnaise, this was the best Ahi Burger I’ve managed to find anywhere in central Ohio. The burger was served with a side of garlic fries, which were perfectly seasoned, and quite delicious.
Wolfe’s Ridge Brewing just opened on September 30, and will begin serving their house brewed beer on Friday, October 4.

The restaurant itself is quite beautiful, nearly 6000 square feet, and looks to be able to seat many two- and four- tops, along with a few banquet style tables, for larger parties. As delighted as we were with their food, I am just as excited for my next visit, in hopes of finding their signature craft beers equally as wonderful.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing
214 N. 4th street
Downtown Columbus

  • Anthony J. Salamon

    Silent Woman…Main Street..Whitehall…Just east of the Lavender Pussycat.

    Also, Ciao Restaurant in Upper Arlington, Emerson’s Steak House..Bexley.. All you can eat steak on Thursday..

    Dancing…Charlie Bear’s..East Side…Dixie Electric, West Side, Ciro’s…Bexley

    Others…Sandy’s Hamburgers, Havana..Short North

  • Regular Joe

    What about the Salty Seaman on Weber/Hudson?

  • shmoopatties

    The Red Bull was on OLD Henderson Rd, not Henderson Rd. My first job was salad bar attendant there. Additionally, Big Bite and Backyard Burgers were a couple of Fast Food joints that got their start in Columbus.