Written by: Steve Stover
Date: May 11, 2013

Gruyere raviolis

Gruyere raviolis. Photo by Steve Stover

Nestled in downtown Delaware, across from the historic Strand Theaer, Veritas Tavern looks like a comfortable small bar or pub. The bar seats almost as many as the dining area, which consists of five high top tables, seating 20.

Veritas reflects my vision of a gastro pub; it looks like a bar, but with major emphasis on the food. Veritas refers to most dishes as “small plates” but they are one size larger, between an appetizer portion and an entree.

The food at Veritas is very creative, even daring.  Veritas makes great use of sous-vide techniques, including braising and an egg cooked to exactly 62.5 degrees. Veritas chefs are also exploring molecular gastronomy, including an unusual presentation of the white and dark chocolate dessert.  The dishes are beautifully presented, and garnishes feature high-end micro greens and other flourishes.

Cocktails are a big deal. The cocktail menu consists a full page, which takes up one-third of the menu. The cocktails feature hand squeezed juices and house made syrup and sodas.  We tried three and especially enjoyed the limoncello champagne with house made limoncello and cava.

The menu consists of two “Before” plates, 14 “Small” plates,  and four “After” plates which are desserts. 

We enjoyed the feta-marscapone dip, cucumbers, toast, and flatbreads ($7). We shared six small plates, including pork belly in a steamed bun with cucumber and hot chili hoisin (3 for $12); sous-vide pork cheek, gnocchi, crispy pork ($15); pork tenderloin, spicy grits, micro greens ($14); bacon risotto, 62.5 degree poached egg, white cheddar cheese, and a tiny biscuit ($11).

There is a happy hour until 6:30 pm with half price cocktails, beer, and wine by the glass.

Veritas was named  recently named “Best New Restaurant of the Year” by Columbus Monthly.

Veritas Tavern, is located at 15 E. Winter St, Delaware. 740.417.4074. More information is available at veritastavern.com.

  • shrimlock

    The Silent Woman Bar was i believe on East Main, just east of James.
    The signage in neon or lit up from behind maybe, was extremely provocative.
    It showed an image of a female with her, holding her own head or her head somehow detached.
    Depicting the female as presumably silent. And even holding the knife?
    pretty grisly, and disturbing and was evident to anyone driving around there up till the 90’s, it seems.

  • shrimlock

    The other one that was near the Motel Greg Lashutka got in trouble win he was prosecutor, And i think that was on East Broad, that was the Pink Elephant.

  • Barbara Cruz

    what about hanleys steak house sullivant ave Columbus ohio

  • Barbara Cruz

    does anyone have a copy of the menu or pictures