Written by: Steve Stover
Date: February 26, 2014


In 1968, Talita Arroyo Prince and husband Tony Neno opened Talita’s, an authentic Brownsville-style Tex-Mex restaurant. Talita’s became a Clintonville institution and we visited often (a Friday night favorite) from college days through the “BC” (before children) era, and later with our kids, until Talita’s closed in 2007. Talita’s son Frank opened a Talita’s in Grove City in 2007, but everyone missed the Clintonville favorite.

Thank goodness, Talita’s returned to its roots in Clintonville in July 2013, with granddaughter Daniela, assisted by Frank’s sister Toni.

When writing reviews, I try as many things on the menu as possible, but I must admit that I can’t at Talita’s. I love Talita’s enchilada sauce, and I have had enchiladas almost every visit for more than 40 years! But all of the food at Talita’s is fast, fresh, and tasty.

Talita's Enchilades are a long-time favorite in Clintonville. Photo by Steve Stover

Talita’s Enchilades are a long-time favorite in Clintonville. Photo by Steve Stover

Talita’s is a plain storefront restaurant with a few Mexican nick-nacks. There is counter service at lunch, and table service in the evening. Signature items include the aforementioned enchiladas (I prefer beef); Talita’s Wet ‘n Cheesy Burrito, which is a large burrito “smothered with enchilada sauce and cheese;” a Mexican layered enchilada ($7.99), aroz con pollo (chicken on Spanish rice, $6.99); and a Mexican pizza ($5.79).

The rest of the menu includes 12 “Nibbles,” from salsa & chips to nachos ($.90 to $7.99); three salads ($3.95 to $6.95 for the entree Casa salad); 10 burritos and platters ($6.45 to $7.99); chalupas ($4.45 to $6.45); three enchiladas ($6.45 to $7.99); tacos; and the signature items listed above. Neither location has a bar.

For large portions of tasty Brownsville-style Tex-Mex at bargain prices, give Talita’s a try.

Talita’s Tex-Mex
2700 North High Street

Talita’s Tex-Mex
3090 Southwest Blvd
Grove City


  • Anthony J. Salamon

    Silent Woman…Main Street..Whitehall…Just east of the Lavender Pussycat.

    Also, Ciao Restaurant in Upper Arlington, Emerson’s Steak House..Bexley.. All you can eat steak on Thursday..

    Dancing…Charlie Bear’s..East Side…Dixie Electric, West Side, Ciro’s…Bexley

    Others…Sandy’s Hamburgers, Havana..Short North

  • Regular Joe

    What about the Salty Seaman on Weber/Hudson?

  • shmoopatties

    The Red Bull was on OLD Henderson Rd, not Henderson Rd. My first job was salad bar attendant there. Additionally, Big Bite and Backyard Burgers were a couple of Fast Food joints that got their start in Columbus.