Written by: Steve Stover
Date: July 19, 2013

Frezno Bar and Grill in the Brewery District.

Frezno Bar and Grill in the Brewery District. Photo by Steve Stover.

Remember Frezno Eclectic Kitchen on North High, a casual, creative spot that was a favorite in the earlier days of the Short North?

Kevin and Lori Ames have done it all, from food carts to Dagwoodz, The Press Grill, and more recently Cafe Lola, Burgers, Dogs & Fries, and Cinco.

Now comes the new Frezno Bar and Grill, tucked in an alcove at 460 S. Front St., just South of Livingston Avenue.

The new Frezno is large, with two dining rooms and two pleasant patios. The dining rooms feature vintage tile, bricks, high ceilings; the bar room is best for conversation.

One of two patios at Frezno Bar and Grill in the Brewery District.

One of two patios at Frezno Bar and Grill in the Brewery District. Photo by Steve Stover.

The menu covers all of today’s bases – small plates, a must these days, with seven ranging from $6 to $12; soups and salads, including six from $5 up to $15 for an entree salad; pizzas costs between $10 to $15, and are a good size; six pasta from $8 for a half portion to $18, and large plates, including four from $12 for the burger to $28 for the grilled filet.

The portions at Frezno are large, and most dishes can be shared.

Our favorite was the beer braised short rib tacos with jicama slaw. Marlene’s fried chicken was a standout, fried just right and served with crispy polenta, wilted greens with pancetta, and chili garlic sauce, which seemed unnecessary.

We also enjoyed the grilled shrimp “BLT” pizza with oven dried tomato, pesto, bacon, mozzarella, feta, and wilted greens; and the pasta with chicken, wild mushrooms, and asparagus, tomato, feta, and basil olive oil.

From the small wine list, we enjoyed the 2009 Marques de Caceres Crianza (Rioja), a temperanillo blend, Wine Spectator rated and fairly priced at $27.

For being so new, Frezno Bar and Grill is humming right along.

Frezno Bar and Grill is located at 460 South Front Street in the Brewery District.
Open Tuesday – Friday, 11 a.m. to midnight, Saturday 4 p.m. to midnight
More information is available through the Frezno Bar and Grill Facebook page.

  • shrimlock

    The Silent Woman Bar was i believe on East Main, just east of James.
    The signage in neon or lit up from behind maybe, was extremely provocative.
    It showed an image of a female with her, holding her own head or her head somehow detached.
    Depicting the female as presumably silent. And even holding the knife?
    pretty grisly, and disturbing and was evident to anyone driving around there up till the 90’s, it seems.

  • shrimlock

    The other one that was near the Motel Greg Lashutka got in trouble win he was prosecutor, And i think that was on East Broad, that was the Pink Elephant.

  • Barbara Cruz

    what about hanleys steak house sullivant ave Columbus ohio

  • Barbara Cruz

    does anyone have a copy of the menu or pictures

  • Mr.Gale.B

    I need an exact and correct answer:
    Where was “Top of the Center” located? In WHAT building?

  • Otto Gronkowski

    Slow hipster service and slow kitchen. Expensive prices. Don’t visit if you want to see food on your table in under 45 minutes. However the food quality, taste and presentation is very good! Ambiance is contemporary cool inside, very different from what you may have the impression of from the exterior of this old Tim Horton’s location. Good bar and drink selection. Overpriced menu. On the west coast you can find this style of filipino restaurant serving same dishes for $7.50. Here they will set you back $12-$18. You can’t even get into appetizers for less than $10 unless you want a bowl of rice. Don’t know if they’ll survive, table turnover is way too slow, even though they’re making large profit margin per dish, it’s just way too slow. If you have an evening to kill, this would be a good hangout. Don’t attempt a weekday lunch or dinner. You’ll see a good hipster millinial crowd here.