Written by: Steve Stover
Date: February 6, 2015

Ahi tuna ribbons are one of the appetizers on the menu at The Guild House.

Ahi tuna ribbons are one of the appetizers on the menu at The Guild House. Photo: Steve Stover

Cameron Mitchell is a busy guy, with five new restaurants in the last year or so. The exciting Guild House may be one of the strongest openings ever! We visited The Guild House on the third night it was open, and every dish exceeded expectations.

The Guild House is located in The Joseph, a new hotel in the Short North adjacent to the Pizzuti complex of hotel, offices, and the Pizzuti Collection, a modern art museum. the explains the breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Valet parking is available.

The Guild House boasts a lively bar and a beautiful dining room, with high ceilings, wood beams, wood tables, white leather banquettes, and murals. It has a big city feel, classy and luxurious, and a bustling atmosphere. However, with all of the action, it is still possible to have a quiet conversation at the table.

We had a great table for four in the bar, with views of the entire scene. Andrea Hoover, the bar manager, suggested the signature cocktail for two served in glass portholes with seasonal infusions, which develop at the tables: aged rum, simple syrup, local artisan bitters, and citrus (very cool) ($20). We also enjoyed the Botanist gin, rosemary, and fresh lemon ($10). With dinner, we shared a 2012 Justin Cabernet Sauvignon, well priced at $45.

We started by sharing three outstanding dishes: Blue Point oysters, Tabasco granita, apple cider mignonette ($12); ahi tuna ribbons with avocado, radish, yuzu sesame dressing ($15); and hamachi (flown in daily from Hawaii), ruby grapefruit, masago red curry vinaigrette ($16).

The Guild House’s prime rib cap features Point Reyes blue cheese and mustard vinaigrette.

The Guild House’s prime rib cap features Point Reyes blue cheese and mustard vinaigrette. Photo: Steve Stover

We also shared the prime rib cap with Point Reyes blue cheese and mustard vinaigrette ($13); duck pate with sourdough toast ($12); stuffed poblano with rock shrimp, roasted corn, goat cheese, and tomatillo lime dressing ($13); braised pork barbecdue bao buns ($8); pork cheeks, tomato gravy with spaghetti squash ($14); house-made agnolotti pasta with braised beef, mushrooms, and truffle jus ($17); excellent scallops with English peas, and parsnip purée ($29); and chicken roulade with celery root purée, romanesco sauce, wild mushrooms, and sliced truffles ($21).

The Guild House’s scallops with English peas, and parsnip purée.

The Guild House’s scallops with English peas, and parsnip purée. Photo: Steve Stover

From the dessert menu (all $7) we tasted the lemon cheesecake and the decadent chocolate brownie cherry sundae.

The lemon cheesecake at The Guild House.

The lemon cheesecake at The Guild House. Photo: Steve Stover

Kudos to Executive Corporate Chef Brian Hinshaw and Guild House Executive Chef John Paul Iacobucci on an outstanding start. We can hardly wait to return.

The Guild House
624 North High Street (Short North)
Columbus, OH 43215
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week

  • shrimlock

    The Silent Woman Bar was i believe on East Main, just east of James.
    The signage in neon or lit up from behind maybe, was extremely provocative.
    It showed an image of a female with her, holding her own head or her head somehow detached.
    Depicting the female as presumably silent. And even holding the knife?
    pretty grisly, and disturbing and was evident to anyone driving around there up till the 90’s, it seems.

  • shrimlock

    The other one that was near the Motel Greg Lashutka got in trouble win he was prosecutor, And i think that was on East Broad, that was the Pink Elephant.

  • Barbara Cruz

    what about hanleys steak house sullivant ave Columbus ohio

  • Barbara Cruz

    does anyone have a copy of the menu or pictures

  • Mr.Gale.B

    I need an exact and correct answer:
    Where was “Top of the Center” located? In WHAT building?

  • Otto Gronkowski

    Slow hipster service and slow kitchen. Expensive prices. Don’t visit if you want to see food on your table in under 45 minutes. However the food quality, taste and presentation is very good! Ambiance is contemporary cool inside, very different from what you may have the impression of from the exterior of this old Tim Horton’s location. Good bar and drink selection. Overpriced menu. On the west coast you can find this style of filipino restaurant serving same dishes for $7.50. Here they will set you back $12-$18. You can’t even get into appetizers for less than $10 unless you want a bowl of rice. Don’t know if they’ll survive, table turnover is way too slow, even though they’re making large profit margin per dish, it’s just way too slow. If you have an evening to kill, this would be a good hangout. Don’t attempt a weekday lunch or dinner. You’ll see a good hipster millinial crowd here.

    • lettuce dolphin

      hello, I have worked at a Bibibop for 2 years now, the price for a chicken (spicy or regular) bowl currently is 6.75$, steak bowl is 7.25$, and a tofu bowl is 6.65$. Along with that the appetizers are 1$ for pineapple, 1.50$ for edamame and kimchi. Also drinks are 1.75$ but come out to 1.88$ after tax.
      A chicken bowl with a drink is 9.14$ if you eat in and 8.63$ if you take it to go.
      Also the service is incredibly fast, if there is no line we can usually get someone to make an entire bowl in about 1-2 minutes. The only time service is slow is when there is a rush, around 11am-1pm and 5pm-7pm, and even slow is an understatement, once you get to the line it usually takes about 2 1/2 – 3 minutes to get through. Also the line length and time depends on the store, i have worked at several Bibibop’s and some attract a larger crowd than others. The most visited age demographic in my opinion is about 20-25 and 40-50.

      The reason i started working at a Bibibop is because of the low prices for such a delicious and large amount of food, the bowls are about the size of two softballs, i do not know how many fluid ounces off hand though, i believe around 48 fluid ounces.
      If you have any other questions or anything about Bibibop i got you, i’m not being paid to do this, i just came across it while on the internet and saw a lot of inflated prices and felt like sharing the exact price.

      I hope you all have a great day, Take care always!

      • lettuce dolphin

        Also a lot of the prices on the op post are not correct and we do not carry some items anymore, such as the Pellegrino.

        Take care always!

  • Laurie Wickline

    Didn’t see Milanos. Used to go there all the time! Loved the lasagna!!!

  • Denise Lafferty

    Bill Knapps

    • Jim Early

      looks like they closed in 2001:
      Bill Knapps 2100 Bethel Road Columbus
      Bill Knapps 6851 N High St Worthington
      Bill Knapps 2199 Riverside Dr Columbus
      Bill Knapps 12995 Stonecreek Dr Pickerington

  • Carol Francis

    Knights Ice Cream has been closed since 2015!

  • Judith Swanson

    I have a few random comments. There was a restaurant in the early 80’s on Main (downtown) called Numbers which was run by Steven Bimbo (King of the Gypsies). Siam (both the original restaurant on Bethel and a branch in German Village (where Bavaria House used to be). John’s Village Junction on High in German Village. Many restaurants opened and closed in Brewery District. Butchie’s (east) had a couple of other names which were more Italian sounding. Columbus Steak House was in a shopping center at east of 71 on 161. We went there a lot in the 1980’s.

    • Butches started out as a Dog N Suds in the 1960’s then was Joseppi’s for a number of years, then Armondo’s for a while then Butches

  • Sara Davis

    The Silent Woman was locared on Main St in Whitehall, a couple blocks East of Yearling Rd

  • Sandy B

    This is one of my favorite restaurants and I always recommend it to friends who want good seafood, but don’t want to take out a loan to get it. The service is terrific, the food is great, the prices are beyond reasonable, and parking is easy. I do wish the Gaslight were still at the other end of this shopping center!

  • Ben Huntoon

    How about Shakey’s Pizza in Whitehall. Don’s Drive-In in Reynoldsburg.

  • Lynne Groban

    There used to be a restaurant on E. Main Street next to Norwood’s amusement park . The neon sign showed a chicken. It was on the west side of the amusement park toward Nelson Rd. Does anyone remember the name of the restaurant and was it any good?

    Also, there was the Berwick Grill on College Avenue.

  • Mike Poliseno

    Pete’s Red Pig at Hamilton and Main or Emils

  • Dean Congin

    Farrell’s Ice Cream, Cadillac Cafe, Rockys

  • Galata Mediterranean Cuisine

    In NYC, for Turkish food, you should visit Galata. Here you can get a modern selection of most popular and most loved dishes of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine as well as the mouth watering desserts.

  • Teri Gallagan-Horning

    There was a place on the West side called Sir Loin that served…well…sirloin steak dinners. There was also a place called the Fireside Inn that was owned by Bob Marvin (a.k.a. Flippo the Clown) that was also on the West side.

  • ubu62001

    Cockerells in Westerville.

  • The Silent woman was a bar in Whitehall on E Main between Hamilton and Yearling, South side of the street.