Written by: Steve Stover
Date: May 29, 2014

Dine Originals Columbus

Dine Originals Columbus has unveiled an exciting new program. Wednesday Originals will allow each of Central Ohio’s 48 Dine Originals restaurants to create a unique, special dining experience on the first Wednesday of every month. The new program will replace Dine Originals (Restaurant) Week, and allow special offerings monthly rather than just twice a year.

Each restaurant will personalize their Wednesday Originals experience.  Some, like Z Cucina in Grandview, will continue to offer a special three-course fixed price dinner; Z Cucina will offer a different three-course dinner each month, for just $30. In Clintonville, Mozart’s will offer a three-course Austrian-themed dinner for $20, with dishes varying from month to month.

G Michaels in German Village will offer 10 wine tastes and 10 appetizers for just $19 (send me in, Coach!).  Skillet in German Village will offer a Southern style “meat and three” (meat and three sides) dinner, served family-style.

Shaw’s in Lancaster will offer wines at state minimum retail.  Ella in New Albany, patrons can sample five wines for $10 before settling on a bottle at state minimum retails; meanwhile, Ella will feature “Vino & Vinyl,” where their certified sommelier will spin tunes on a vintage turntable!

In general, the format will remain the same each month at each restaurant, but the specific menu items, drinks, and themes will change from month to month.

Wednesday Originals kicks off on June 4, with summer events on July 2 and August 6


For more details, check out dineoriginalscolumbus.com.


So set your calendar for the first Wednesday of each month and enjoy a wide array of exciting local dining experiences at special prices at the Dine Originals Columbus Wednesday Originals!


  • shrimlock

    The Silent Woman Bar was i believe on East Main, just east of James.
    The signage in neon or lit up from behind maybe, was extremely provocative.
    It showed an image of a female with her, holding her own head or her head somehow detached.
    Depicting the female as presumably silent. And even holding the knife?
    pretty grisly, and disturbing and was evident to anyone driving around there up till the 90’s, it seems.

  • shrimlock

    The other one that was near the Motel Greg Lashutka got in trouble win he was prosecutor, And i think that was on East Broad, that was the Pink Elephant.

  • Barbara Cruz

    what about hanleys steak house sullivant ave Columbus ohio

  • Barbara Cruz

    does anyone have a copy of the menu or pictures

  • Mr.Gale.B

    I need an exact and correct answer:
    Where was “Top of the Center” located? In WHAT building?

  • Otto Gronkowski

    Slow hipster service and slow kitchen. Expensive prices. Don’t visit if you want to see food on your table in under 45 minutes. However the food quality, taste and presentation is very good! Ambiance is contemporary cool inside, very different from what you may have the impression of from the exterior of this old Tim Horton’s location. Good bar and drink selection. Overpriced menu. On the west coast you can find this style of filipino restaurant serving same dishes for $7.50. Here they will set you back $12-$18. You can’t even get into appetizers for less than $10 unless you want a bowl of rice. Don’t know if they’ll survive, table turnover is way too slow, even though they’re making large profit margin per dish, it’s just way too slow. If you have an evening to kill, this would be a good hangout. Don’t attempt a weekday lunch or dinner. You’ll see a good hipster millinial crowd here.

    • lettuce dolphin

      hello, I have worked at a Bibibop for 2 years now, the price for a chicken (spicy or regular) bowl currently is 6.75$, steak bowl is 7.25$, and a tofu bowl is 6.65$. Along with that the appetizers are 1$ for pineapple, 1.50$ for edamame and kimchi. Also drinks are 1.75$ but come out to 1.88$ after tax.
      A chicken bowl with a drink is 9.14$ if you eat in and 8.63$ if you take it to go.
      Also the service is incredibly fast, if there is no line we can usually get someone to make an entire bowl in about 1-2 minutes. The only time service is slow is when there is a rush, around 11am-1pm and 5pm-7pm, and even slow is an understatement, once you get to the line it usually takes about 2 1/2 – 3 minutes to get through. Also the line length and time depends on the store, i have worked at several Bibibop’s and some attract a larger crowd than others. The most visited age demographic in my opinion is about 20-25 and 40-50.

      The reason i started working at a Bibibop is because of the low prices for such a delicious and large amount of food, the bowls are about the size of two softballs, i do not know how many fluid ounces off hand though, i believe around 48 fluid ounces.
      If you have any other questions or anything about Bibibop i got you, i’m not being paid to do this, i just came across it while on the internet and saw a lot of inflated prices and felt like sharing the exact price.

      I hope you all have a great day, Take care always!

      • lettuce dolphin

        Also a lot of the prices on the op post are not correct and we do not carry some items anymore, such as the Pellegrino.

        Take care always!