Doc Martin (Martin Clunes) & Aunt Ruth (Dame Eileen Atkins)

Doc Martin: Other People’s Children

Martin and Louisa’s plans for both a date and James Henry’s first birthday party are thrown off by an unexpected visit from Danny, Louisa’s ex-boyfriend.

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Medical Pot Plan Clears Legislature, Goes To Gov. Kasich

After nearly 20 years of trying, backers of a bill to allow medical marijuana in the Buckeye state are celebrating a historic vote by the Ohio Legislature, and is headed to the governor.

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Music to the Eyes: Artist Brian Riegel's 'Morphed Instruments' on View at the McConnell Arts Center

For Columbus artist Brian Riegel, musical instruments don’t just make art – they are art.A sculptor who transforms found objects into whimsical artworks, Riegel has in recent years become somethin…

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