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Broadcasters can cash in or hold onto valuable spectrum

24, 2010

As a followup to some previous blogs. The anticipated announcement came today from the FCC Chair that he believes could help broadcasters and expand the capabilities of broadband. The FCC plans to give broadcasters a chance to turn in their spectrum in exchange for an auction pay-off. As reported in Broadcasting & Cable online today [...]

WOSU Receives National Award for DTV Work

6, 2009

WOSU Public Media has received a national My Source Community Impact Award for Engagement from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). WOSU was recognized for outreach efforts related to the digital television transition and creating a model for helping those at-risk that was unique in the country. WOSU launched a “Help Your Neighbor” program early [...]

TV Goes All Digital Today…Finally

12, 2009

So, after much anticipation, all of broadcast television goes digital by the end of today. For stations, this is a great relief as they get out from under paying to keep those old analog TV transmitters chugging along. For consumers, most will not notice the change because they are on cable or satellite, but millions [...]

Analog TV Shutdown is Tomorrow!

11, 2009

(THIS IS FROM BROADCASTING MAGAZINE TODAY) The National Association of Broadcasters says that its most recent polling finds that about 1.75 million over-the-air TV households have not taken steps to convert to digital. That came at a NAB press conference on the last full day of analog transmissions for the majority of America’s full-power TV [...]

An Interesting Week Ahead

14, 2009

So, the confusion continues about the semi-transition or shutdown of analog broadcasting locally. The Columbus Dispatch did a fine and accurate article yesterday on the issues still facing many elderly in Columbus who receive their primary TV signals over-the-air. To be as clear as possible, only the Fox and CW network affiliates will go off [...]

DTV Transition Delayed..or is it?

5, 2009

Congress passed a bill yesterday adding nearly four months to the time all television stations are mandated to turn off their analog transmissions, but it doesn’t mean stations have to wait that long. The original mandated shutoff date of February 17 was moved to June 12 to allow the government to add funding to the [...]